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Dependable Household Electric Dryer Solutions

If your clothes dryer has functional issues that hinder your ability to run a laundry load, you don’t need to worry for long. Mr. Appliance of Santa Monica offers timely, efficient, and reliable electric dryer repair services in Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and Venice, CA. We understand that your washer and dryer are essential to make your daily life more convenient and keep a supply of clean, fresh clothes. The frustration you feel when your dryer malfunctions can be overwhelming as pants, shirts, socks, towels, and sheets pie up. Whether your appliance dries laundry slowly, your energy bills are higher, or any other issues affect your appliance, our highly trained team will gladly provide top-notch service at your home. Your clothes dryer is integral to keeping your clothes fresh and ready to wear, so we urge you to call our highly skilled professionals for solutions when it has a breakdown. Reach out to us today to get more information about our electric dryer repair service and schedule an appointment.

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Outstanding Electric Dryer Repair & Regular Maintenance

When your dryer needs comprehensive repair options, you can stop searching for reliable solutions when you come to us. Mr. Appliance of Santa Monica’s expert team has all the necessary expertise and equipment to carry out all your residential electric dryer repair needs in Venice, Marina Del Rey, and Santa Monica. We perform repairs on gas and electric dryers, and you can rely on us for vent maintenance services, ensuring your dryer works safely and efficiently. Our skilled service professionals’ extensive knowledge of dryer mechanics lets them repair all parts of an electric dryer, such as the thermostat, heating coils, drum, idler pulleys, motor, switches, belts, and fuses. Whether your issue is a complete breakdown or a simple malfunctioning component, we cover all your appliance repair needs.

Why Is Dryer Maintenance Important?

At Mr. Appliance of Santa Monica, we’re well-versed in how important regular maintenance and home dryer repairs are because they prevent dryer issues and improve an appliance’s lifespan. Our maintenance services cover cleaning your dryer’s exhaust ducts and lint filter to reduce your risk of fire and enhance its efficiency. Furthermore, our service professionals will gladly inspect and fine-tune your electric dryer’s mechanical and electrical components to ensure this appliance performs optimally. You can count on us to provide consistently impressive electric dryer repair service, vent repair, and other dryer solutions. Let our team care for your dryer issues so you can reap all the benefits of a completely safe and functional appliance. Reach out to us today to schedule a convenient appointment time and date according to your schedule.

Solutions to Your Electric Dryer Problems

At Mr. Appliance of Santa Monica, our entire team shares a dedication to providing professional clothes dryer repair services for California homeowners. You can relax knowing our skilled appliance technicians have the appropriate experience and expertise to diagnose electric dryer issues and resolve them promptly. Don't allow dryer problems to disrupt your weekly laundry routine. We’ll fix your dryer so that it works like new again. If any of the following common electric dryer issues happen with your appliance, we invite you to get in touch with our seasoned technicians:

No Heat Production

If the drum spins in your dryer but doesn't produce any heat, the issue could be a faulty temperature switch, thermostat, heating coils, or fuse.

Dryer Not Running

When your dryer doesn’t operate at all, the likely culprits include broken start switches, damaged terminal blocks, and bad thermostats.

Drum Not Spinning

A motor running effectively without the drum spinning might be because of broken belts or bad idler pullers, rollers, or motors.

Excessive Heat

Dryers getting too hot may be due to issues like a malfunctioning thermostat, faulty heating coils, or clogged vents. Our electric clothes dryer repair service includes effective resolutions for this issue.

We Specialize in Fixing All Major Brands

No matter which electric dryer brand you have at home, Mr. Appliance of Santa Monica covers your repair needs. Our service center team specializes in performing outstanding dryer repair services on all major appliance brands, such as Maytag, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, GE, and others. Furthermore, our expert team is well-equipped to assess and resolve any issue that may affect your dryer. From thermostats and motors to belts, timers, heating coils, rollers, fuses, switches, idler pulleys, and temperature switches, we have all the parts we need readily available. This in-stock appliance part selection ensures we can carry out a timely and effective repair process. Before beginning any repair work, we'll give you a transparent and accurate estimate of how much your service needs will cost so you know exactly what to expect.

Comprehensive Appliance Solutions for Homeowners

Our appliance expertise isn’t limited to dryer repairs. We also specialize in repairing all major brands of washing machines to ensure we cover all your laundry appliances. If you have a problematic washer and dryer, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our experienced appliance technicians can address all your electric dryer issues to get you back to enjoying your laundry days without hassles like a non-spinning drum or insufficient heat. Contact Mr. Appliance of Santa Monica anytime to schedule impressive repair solutions to your washer and dryer problems.

Contact Us Today for Electric Dryer Repairs

At Mr. Appliance of Santa Monica, we offer more than our expert dryer repair services. You can also depend on us for essential dryer maintenance, helping you spend less on energy bills, prevent inconvenient breakdowns, and keep your home and family safe. With our strong emphasis on outstanding work quality and reliable parts, we offer warranties to back all our services and uphold the Neighborly Done Right Promise®. As a local appliance repair company, we are one of the community’s most trusted solution providers for dryer repairs and maintenance. We have the experience, certifications, and dedication to ensure excellent customer satisfaction. Additionally, we’re proud to offer competitive prices for all your dryer repair concerns. A malfunctioning dryer doesn’t need to disrupt your daily routine for long. Contact us today to schedule a repair appointment, and our experts will ensure your electric dryer is up and running smoothly again without much of a wait. You can trust us for reliable repair solutions that keep your dryer working effectively and efficiently.

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