At Amana, they think about appliances—all day, every day. They also think about the impact they will have on your life, wallet, and the planet. Have you chosen Amana appliances to get value that stretches beyond just saving money? At Mr. Appliance, we offer Amana appliance repair services to ensure you get the most from your investment.


Asko started in Vara, Sweden, in 1950, when an innovative young man dreamt of building a washing machine to fulfill all his mother’s dreams. His results were so extraordinary that he built a manufacturing facility right on the family farm. Today, Asko makes premium appliances for the whole home. Mr. Appliance offers Asko appliance repair services and maintenance to keep the premium, premium.


For more than 125 years, Bosch has designed appliances that are both functional and beautiful. Bosch is part of the world’s third largest appliance manufacturer and frequently receives top ratings for their appliances. Make sure you get Bosch appliance repair services and maintenance to keep your Bosch appliances tip-top.


Dacor is both American made and family owned; they have been designing and manufacturing luxury kitchen appliances for three generations. Dacor sells products at 1,500+ locations, so Mr. Appliance technicians are quite familiar with repairing this brand. You can trust us to perform Dacor appliance repair services efficiently and professionally.


From the basic to the high-tech, Electrolux manufactures a variety of appliances for the whole home. Does this brand have a useful presence in your home? Whether you have an Electrolux microwave or washing machine, Mr. Appliance offers the Electrolux repair services you need.


Since the 1970s, Elmira has been making the antique and the retro new, with highly stylized appliances for the home. If you have a kitchen appliance, or a whole suite of them, from an Elmira line, you can trust Mr. Appliance professionals’ experience in Elmira appliance repair and maintenance.


Texas-based Equator Appliances is an innovator of eco-friendly, people-friendly, advanced appliances for the whole home. But even an energy-efficient appliance can quickly become not efficient at all, if it isn’t properly maintained. Mr. Appliance offers Equator appliance repair to prevent that problem and keep your home in shape.

Faber Range Hoods

Located in Italy, Faber has been producing range hoods of the highest quality for more than 50 years. It was first invented by Professor Abramo Galassi in a small Italian laboratory; now, more than half a century later, they remain a ventilation leader globally. Choose Mr. Appliance for your Faber range hood repair services.

Fisher & Paykel (Including DCS)

Since 1934, Fisher & Paykel’s laundry and kitchen appliances have continued to evolve the meet the changing lifestyles and demands of the modern homeowner. With technological advancements, they continue to set industry standards. When you need Fisher & Paykel appliance repair, including for DCS appliances, trust Mr. Appliance to do the job right.


Frigidaire is one of the better-known appliance brands in the world, offering modern kitchen and laundry appliances, along with accessories. Their professional-grade appliances are known to work hard. If your Frigidaire appliance is in need of some love, call Mr. Appliance for Frigidaire appliance repair and maintenance.

Fulgor (FCI)

Fulgor Milano breathes Italy into all of their products—from cooktops to wall ovens—all of which are designed and crafted there. By combining stunning styling with intelligent performance, they have won half a dozen ADEX awards for appliance design excellence. Help your Fulgor appliances continue to thrive with Mr. Appliance’s Fulgor appliance repair and maintenance services.


The Gaggenau brand was born as a smelting plant in the 1600s. Their engineers eventually invented a specialized heat-resistant enamel and broke into the appliance business by 1908. Your Gaggenau appliance has history—don’t let it become history due to neglect. Trust Mr. Appliance technicians with Gaggenau appliance repair.

GE (Including GE Monogram)

GE appliances are designed to meet the real-life needs of customers while defining trends and simplifying routines. These appliances are backed by a forward-thinking tradition that spans more than a century, with next-generation features. To ensure that those features continue to bring comfort to your home, ask Mr. Appliance for quality GE appliance repair and maintenance.


Haier rests on a foundation of an entrepreneurial spirit—not confined to traditional boundaries of home appliances. Instead, Haier strives to constantly innovate for future lifestyles and improved eco-performance. If you like Haier appliances because of the “green” aspect, make sure they stay efficient by calling Mr. Appliance for Haier appliance repair and maintenance.


With a combination of easy-to-use features and practical design, appliances from Hotpoint easily complement any consumer’s kitchen. That’s because their appliances are designed to meet daily needs. If yours isn’t performing as it should, you can trust Mr. Appliance’s experience with Hotpoint appliance repair.


Luxury kitchen appliances produced by Jenn-Air are known for sophisticated design, technology, and performance. In 1961, Jenn-Air first made their mark by creating the downdraft cooktop and convection cooking tech. Now they make appliances for the entire kitchen—from powerful ranges to award-winning built-in refrigerators. Need repair or maintenance for your Jenn-Air appliances? We can help.


In 1919, the iconic KitchenAid Stand Mixer was first released. Then an entire fleet of kitchen appliances was born—with the same detail-oriented, beautiful quality. KitchenAid focuses on pushing the limits of kitchen products so you can do the same with your culinary creations. Make sure your appliances are tip-top by calling Mr. Appliance for KitchenAid appliance repair and maintenance.


LG appliances are built around the way you live. Whether you have a modern or minimalist style, you can find appliances to match—appliances that are innovative, intuitive, and resource-saving. Have you chosen LG appliances for your home? Mr. Appliance is experienced in LG appliance repair and maintenance services.


Marvel is a leader in refrigeration technology, with products that range from beverage and wine refrigerators to outdoor refrigerators. Marvel has the widest selection of integrated refrigeration design options in the industry—with many size options. Do your Marvel appliances need some care? Mr. Appliance offers Marvel appliance repair.


Maytag® is proud of creating appliances that have the spirit of American dependability: tough and hardworking. Whether you have a Maytag refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer, or oven, make sure you take care of your appliances well so they can maintain reliability and efficiency. Mr. Appliance technicians are experienced with Maytag appliance repair, and we’re happy to help.


Miele is dedicated to making their appliances “always better,” as indicated by the “immer besser” German message they stamped on their first products in 1899. To make sure your Miele appliance truly can continue performing at its best, schedule Miele appliance repair and maintenance without delay.


Panasonic is known for their hardworking small appliances, for the kitchen and beyond, and their commitment to improving people’s lives. If your Panasonic microwave or other appliance is on the fritz, it’s time to schedule Panasonic appliance repair with experts who know the brand well.


Samsung uses their expertise in electronics to create modern appliances, including smart home units, with thoughtful design. This brand is one that Mr. Appliance technicians are bound to see every single day. If you need Samsung appliance repair that is speedy and thorough, you can count on our experience.


For more than seven decades, Sanyo has been known for their electronic appliances and other consumer electronics. Mr. Appliance technicians are familiar with this global brand and offer the Sanyo appliance repair services you need to keep your home running in tip-top condition.


Sharp creates home appliances for “simply better living” and are also well known for their other electronic products. If you have Sharp appliances in your home, keep them sharp and protect your investment! Schedule Sharp appliance repair and regular maintenance to keep these hardworking products serving your household.


Built and tested to meet the highest standards, Sub-Zero appliances are about more than just refrigeration. Their company has put nearly seven decades of innovative thinking behind food preservation systems. Mr. Appliance technicians are familiar with these complex, hardworking systems and offer Sub-Zero appliance repair services.


For 75+ years, Thermador has been crafting innovative solutions for cooks throughout the nation. With an iconic line of products, they have led the way to breakthroughs like the first wall ovens in the world. To make sure your Thermador appliances remain convenient solutions, rather than a hassle, keep them in shape with Thermador appliance repair and maintenance from Mr. Appliance.


Viking is a popular brand in commercial kitchens, offering high-end kitchen appliances that look smart and have great features for busy chefs. Even though the brand is dedicated to quality, that only goes so far if you don’t keep your appliances maintained. Our technicians offer Viking appliance repair to keep that kitchen fired up.


Westinghouse has brought their best since 1886; their legacy of technology that transforms the human experience continues today. When was the last time you maintained your Westinghouse appliances? It may be time to call us for Westinghouse appliance repair and maintenance services. We have decades of experience with the brand.


Whirlpool believes in creating technology that advances to the point of simplicity. They strive to create products that will fill seamlessly and pleasurably into your life. That is why their appliances are designed to do things the way that you want them to be done—if they are properly maintained. We can help! Get Whirlpool appliance repair and maintenance.

Wine Guardian

Wine Guardian designs high-quality wine cellar cooling units to meet the needs of professional wine storage facilities. Testing shows their cooling systems are some of the most efficient and quietest in their class, but this all goes out the window if you don’t maintain your system. Mr. Appliance is experienced in Wine Guardian repair and maintenance. Wolf produces appliances that allow you to enjoy a more adventurous life marked by more satisfying cooking. They breathe power, finesse, and control into all their appliances. A broken or inefficient Wolf appliance, however, puts a halt to the fun. We can help! Our technicians offer Wolf appliance repair so you can get back in the groove.


Wolf produces appliances that allow you to enjoy a more adventurous life marked by more satisfying cooking. They breathe power, finesse, and control into all their appliances. A broken or inefficient Wolf appliance, however, puts a halt to the fun. We can help! Our technicians offer Wolf appliance repair so you can get back in the groove.


Since 1997, Zephyr has remained true to their initial vision of delivering the unexpected to consumers. They were first recognized for their powerful vent hoods for the home and then went on to set the standard for self-cleaning, filter-free technology. One unexpected gift you don’t want is a Zephyr malfunction! Be sure to schedule Zephyr repair and maintenance services.

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