As one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world, Haier appliances can be found in homes all across the country. These appliances are well known for their reliability, quality at cost, wide availability, and robust size options. If you need an appliance, chances are you can find a Haier machine that suits your needs.

Though they're famously reliable machines, even Haier appliances develop issues from time to time. When that happens, you may find yourself desperately trying to save perishable goods from an ever-warming fridge or fighting valiantly against a growing pile of laundry.

No matter what issue you're experiencing, you can rely on the Haier appliance repair services from Mr. Appliance® to return your life to normal.

Haier Appliances We Repair

We repair a variety of Haier appliances. Some of the most popular ones include:

Common Repairs for Haier Appliances

The primary issues with Haier appliances coincide with the most common problems other brands have. This is because no matter what you do, certain parts of a machine are always going to be more fragile than others. Some of the most common Haier appliance repair services we carry out include:

  • Dishwasher drain fixes
  • Damaged cooking range coils
  • Fridge fan motor repairs
  • Fridge control panels
  • Dishwasher filter replacements
  • Fridge evaporator fan repairs
  • Microwave transformer replacement
  • Microwave circuit board replacement
  • Microwave oven door repairs
  • Stove control panels
  • Wine cooler cooling coils
  • Wine cooler gaskets

Haier Appliance Repair FAQs

Is Haier owned by GE?

No. It's the other way around. In 2016, GE sold off its appliance division to the Haier Group. Now, Haier manufactures all GE appliances, and the GE name is still in use due to its brand recognizability in America.

Haier is a large appliance and consumer electronics manufacturer based in Qingdao, Shandong, China. They own GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, Haier, Casarte, Leader, Aqua, and Candy. They also have a robust IoT ecosystem and have been recognized as the world's most valuable IoT ecosystem brand.

Is Haier a good brand?

As one of the largest home appliances companies on the planet, Haier has a sterling reputation for providing customers with reliable, affordable, eco-friendly appliances. Though not a luxury brand itself, it offers high-quality appliances at a reasonable price.

Haier is also notable for its compact appliances. They sell a variety of smaller fridges, ovens, and other appliances that fit into smaller spaces. Many of their appliances have received Energy Star ratings, making them cheaper to run and less harmful to the environment.

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When properly cared for, a Haier appliance can last you for years, if not decades. By regularly maintaining your appliances, you can get the most out of them and replace them less frequently.

Schedule a service with us today to see how much you can save by repairing your Haier appliance.

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