Residential Dishwasher Repair and Maintenance Services

When you rely on your dishwasher every day, a sudden maintenance issue is beyond frustrating. But you won’t have to hand-wash your dishes for long. Whether your dishwasher needs routine maintenance or a more complicated repair, reach out to Mr. Appliance® for excellent local dishwasher repair services. Our service professionals are experienced, speedy, and happy to explain the issue to you before they repair it.

Fast and Efficient Dishwasher Repair Service

From extended wash cycles to drainage problems, a variety of issues may be keeping your dishwasher from giving you the quality results you expect. Mr. Appliance will identify the cause and find a quick solution.

We also offer routine dishwasher maintenance to extend the service life of your appliance. We offer upfront pricing, and we guarantee quality service with the Neighborly Done Right Promise

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7 Common Dishwasher Problems We Fix

Mr. Appliance service professionals have nearly 30 years of experience diagnosing and fixing dishwasher problems. Our team provides friendly and fast service you can rely on to get your dishwasher running again.

When you call your local Mr. Appliance or schedule service online, our live agents will match you with the right service professional to get your dishwasher fixed as soon as possible.

Here are some of the problems we normally address:

  • The dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes well: A blocked spray arm, worn pump assembly, wash impeller problem, or burned-out heating element can all cause the dishwasher to not clean dishes effectively.
  • The dishwasher hums and then turns off: If the motor is seized and needs to be replaced, your dishwasher may stop mid-cycle.
  • The dishwasher wash cycle takes too long: A defective thermostat, timer, or control board can lead to longer wash cycles.
  • The dishwasher does not fill with water: An issue with the float switch can prevent your dishwasher from filling with water.
  • The dishwasher is not draining: An issue with the drain, filter, or air gap can cause drainage issues. When left unchecked, this can create the perfect environment for mold or cause the dishwasher to smell bad.
  • The dishwasher is leaking water: Problems with the gasket, drain, water line, or other components can make the dishwasher leak.
  • The dishwasher rack has rust: Older dishwasher racks might rust and need to be replaced.

Some top dishwasher brands Mr. Appliance services include Bosch, Electrolux, GE, Frigidaire, and more.
Dishwasher Brands We Service

Our service professionals are experienced and knowledgeable, which helps them quickly diagnose and remedy your dishwasher problems for any of the brands we service. We arrive at your home on your schedule and provide upfront pricing, with no hidden charges for a convenient and reliable service you can trust. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and can rest easy knowing all residential appliance repairs and parts are covered by a one-year warranty.

Whether you need a new part for your appliance or help to clear a clog, let Mr. Appliance help you return functionality to your dishwasher today.

Dishwasher Parts We Replace

When you hire a Mr. Appliance dishwasher repair service, you know our experienced service professionals will properly install any worn-out parts to prolong the life of your appliance. Whether your dishwasher rack is rusted or you need to replace a door gasket, our service professionals can help get your dishwasher working again.

We troubleshoot and replace:

  • Float switches
  • Gaskets
  • Heating elements
  • Motors
  • Pump assemblies
  • Solenoids
  • Thermostats
  • Timers
  • Valves
  • Wash and drain impellers

Cost To Replace Dishwasher

Generally, replacing a dishwasher can cost anywhere from $370 to $3,500, depending on the cost of the new appliance. Factors that impact the total cost of dishwasher repair include the extent of the damage, the types of parts to replace, and other factors. For example, replacing a dishwasher door gasket is a relatively low-cost repair, while the cost to replace a heating element tends to be higher.

Here’s how that typically breaks down:


Minimum Cost*

Maximum Cost*

New dishwasher appliance



Removing old dishwasher



Installation labor



Source: Consumer Affairs

*Values are based on third-party data and may not reflect Mr. Appliance's pricing. For a custom quote tailored to your needs, please contact a service professional.

If an appliance is too damaged or old, we may recommend replacing it entirely. But in many cases, a dishwasher repair will cost less and is more eco-friendly than a replacement.

Schedule Dishwasher Repair Near You

Whether you just don’t like hand washing or have a big dinner party coming up, a broken dishwasher is a hassle. Luckily, dishwasher repair doesn’t have to be.

Mr. Appliance makes scheduling dishwasher repair and service easy, so you can toss those dish gloves and let your appliance do the work.

Don’t just take our word for why you should trust Mr. Appliance with your dishwasher; listen to our customers.

From the moment I placed the service call with his office to the time he said he would be out… for the repairs, he was courteous, on time, and resourceful in fixing and making sure that our problem was fixed….

I highly recommend Mr. Appliance to be your first and only call to service your appliance needs.

  • Jim H., Yelp

Wow! Used this company for the first time today and I was very impressed.

#1 They got me in on a cancellation.

#2 They were very knowledgeable and took the time to not only diagnose the problem but also explain my options.

#3 Before they came out they sent me a picture of the technician who was coming to my home (what a great safety feature especially for women home alone).

I will be calling them back if I need repairs again.

  • Maryann B., Yelp

When I called…[service professional] was sent to our house about our dishwasher leaking. Because of the type of leak, it was extremely hard to diagnose…

(I like the fact that he did not give up.) He fixed it and double-checked it.

I highly recommend him for any appliance needs and will be requesting him if I ever need work done again.

  • Melody H., Yelp

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FAQs About Dishwasher Repair

If your dishwasher isn’t working right, see if any of these top questions can help you.

Where Can I Obtain Commercial Dishwasher Repair Services?

Mr. Appliance offers commercial appliance repair and services for many different brands and machines for your business. Call us or schedule service online to learn what else we can do for your commercial kitchen.

Is It Worth Having a Dishwasher Repaired?

Whether or not it’s worth fixing a dishwasher depends on the age of the machine and what’s wrong with it. In many cases, a repair can save you money and restore your machine so you can use it for many more years. However, if an appliance has consistent issues or its parts are very expensive, it might be more cost-effective to purchase a new dishwasher.

What Is the Cost To Fix a Dishwasher?

According to Forbes, it costs an average of $250 to fix a dishwasher. Depending on the repair and parts, this cost ranges from $5 to $675.

Is It Easy To Fix a Dishwasher?

Many common dishwasher problems can be fixed easily by a professional. Issues with the filter, drain, or spray arms can typically be resolved easily. Other problems, such as with the heating element or timer, might be more difficult.

How Long Do Dishwashers Last?

On average, dishwashers last 12 years. Depending on the model, how it’s used, and if it’s properly maintained, it can last anywhere from nine to 16 years.

Can Dishwashers Usually Be Repaired?

Dishwashers can typically be repaired if the parts are available.

Dealing with a leaky or broken dishwasher?

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