Homeowners from coast to coast choose Sub-Zero appliances for their kitchens, home bars, wine cellars, and beyond. The brand is a trusted one, but even a quality appliance needs regular maintenance and, from time to time, repairs from an experienced professional.

Mr. Appliance offers Sub-Zero repair service for most major Sub-Zero appliances. And not just any service—our Sub-Zero appliance repair expertise rests on more than two decades of experience and a commitment to incredible customer service. Get the details below and learn about the other brands we service.

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Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Offerings

  • Sub-Zero refrigerator repair
  • Sub-Zero freezer repair
  • Sub-Zero wine fridge repair
  • And more, depending on location*

*All Mr. Appliance franchises are locally owned and operated and may offer fewer or more Sub-Zero repair services than those listed on this page. Not seeing your appliance here? Ask your local Mr. Appliance.

Get Parts for Sub-Zero Repair

If you need specific parts to accomplish your Sub-Zero repair, give us a ring. Mr. Appliance carries parts for this brand at many of our locations, so your local team may be able to help. One benefit of working with Mr. Appliance is that our technicians can find out (or confirm) which parts you need, source them for you, and then install them.

Find Sub-Zero Repair Near Me

At Mr. Appliance locations across the nation, our pros are always striving to provide the best service. Respectful, thorough service is the heart of our brand. This is reflected in our up-front, flat rate estimates and the way we always keep homes clean and safe as we restore appliances.

For speedy, professional Sub-Zero repair service, call Mr. Appliance or schedule service online.

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