Don’t Entrust Your Valuable Appliances to an Amateur

Are your appliances not performing up to your standards? Get the help you need to whip them back into shape. At Mr. Appliance®, we know how much you rely on those machines every day to keep your home in working order, and we are committed to helping you get your house running smoothly again.

However, we also know that who you hire to come fix your appliances is equally important. That is why we are so proud to have expert technicians on our team. Instead, we will provide fast, efficient services that pay attention to the details and get your appliances to prime condition.

We are so confident in our services that we guarantee all labor and parts for one year.

You Can Expect the Following from Our Qualified Experts:

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    They will be polite and respectful.

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    They will show up on time.

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    They will be clean and in uniform.

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    They will leave no trace behind.

Mr. Appliance technician in orange booties unpacking tool bag on floor of residential kitchen.

Trust the Technicians Who Enter Your Home

All too often, consumers are forced to deal with appliance repair companies who send rude, inconsiderate, and just plain messy technicians to their home. Not with Mr. Appliance®. We know just how awful of an experience that is, and we are committed to being different. That is why you can be confident knowing that when you hire our team, you willbe working with technicians who are experts, but also who are polite and respectful.

Not only do they respect you and your time, but they also respect your home. All of our technicians abide by our commitment to “leave no trace behind.” In fact, it is ourgoal to always leave your home in better shape than it was when we arrived. Other than your fixed appliances, you shouldn’t even notice we were there at all.

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