How Long Do Dishwashers Last? Will Yours Croak Soon?

Open dishwasher filled with dishes
Dishwashers typically last nine to sixteen years, with an average life expectancy of twelve years. Dishwasher lifespan is relatively predictable, but your machine is much more likely to reach that sixteen-year mark if you take care of it properly.

Could you be missing some important dishwasher maintenance or usage guidelines? The experts here at Mr. Appliance® put together some helpful tips about how to maximize your investment.

How Long Should a Dishwasher Last in Your Household?

There are a number of variables that change the answer to, “How long should a dishwasher last?” If you’ve just moved into a new place, you might know the age of the dishwasher, but you don’t know if it was maintained or overloaded. If, on the other hand, you personally bought the dishwasher you’re using, you can more easily predict how long the dishwasher will last because you know its full history.

All these factors influence dishwasher lifespan:

  • Frequency of use – In the average home, the dishwasher is cycled five times per week. Those who use their appliance less frequently are likely to need fewer repairs and get more years out of their dishwasher.
  • Quality – If you invested in a high-quality dishwasher from a trusted manufacturer, it may last longer than a model that doesn’t have top-of-the-line parts. Plus, you’re likely to experience fewer problems like loud dishwasher noises and inefficient water use.
  • Maintenance – Periodic maintenance, including cleaning, can help your dishwasher last longer than one that has been relatively neglected. We provide some maintenance tips for you below!
  • Repairs – The professionals you choose to repair your dishwasher make a difference. If you hire a repair technician who isn’t trained and experienced, or who uses aftermarket parts instead of OEM, your dishwasher might break again sooner than you expect. The easiest solution? Find your local Mr. Appliance!

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Tips to Maximize Dishwasher Lifespan

You do have some control over how long your dishwasher will last. Use these tips to care for your dishwasher correctly and maximize its working life:

Keep It Clean

Your dishwasher’s parts can become grimy, which may reduce the cleaning power and efficiency of the appliance. Residue buildup can even cause your dishwasher to become clogged or broken. Routinely wipe down the door seals and food spills using mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. Every few months, clean the food trap and filter. If you notice any foul odors, use these tips to clean a smelly dishwasher.

Use Hot Water

Your dishwasher and detergent are both more effective at higher temperatures, and hot water is needed to kill germs, odors, and bacteria.


It’s important to pre-rinse or scrape your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Put large food chunks in the trash, especially greasy foods and hard items like bones.

Don't Overfill

When you load your dishwasher, leave adequate space between dishes to avoid unnecessary strain on your dishwasher. If you are unsure how to load it correctly, refer to the owner's manual to help maximize the cleaning power of each cycle.

Air-Dry Your Dishes

If you are not in a hurry, air-dry your dishes rather than using the dishwasher’s heat cycle, which uses more energy and places additional strain on the appliance.

Be Selective

Your dishwasher can be used to clean more than just dishes, but before placing other items inside, make sure they will not cause any harm to the unit.

May Your Dishwasher’s Lifespan Be Long!

With proper care, your dishwasher works hard for you. Count on Mr. Appliance for dishwasher repair and maintenance to ensure peak appliance performance and efficiency. Schedule an appointment online today, or connect with your local Mr. Appliance team.

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