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Appliance Repair in Portland

Delivering Services to Portland & Surrounding Communities

At Mr. Appliance® of Portland, we truly care about delivering the best possible service to our clients. Whether your dishwasher isn’t getting the grime off glasses anymore or your ice machine isn’t staying chilly, our team of qualified technicians are always ready to help. We don’t just fix appliances—we also get them to run as efficiently as possible once were done. We are an award-winning company that upholds high standards of professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and numerous other attributes.

Oregon License Number: CCB #191859

When customers call on us, they get the following:

  • Courteous, uniformed, and expert technicians
  • Commitment to keeping your house clean
  • One-year guarantee on all labor and parts
  • Flat rate pricing and no overtime charges
  • Flexible scheduling and appointment times
  • Economical maintenance services

With an emphasis on getting your appliances running smoothly and efficiency again, Mr. Appliance of Portland is here to help restore convenience and comfort in your home.

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Mr. Appliance of Portland
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  • “It's good to know some companies still have ethics!”

    - Charlette S.

  • “The technicians were both excellent!”

    - Penny M.


Meet Your Mr. Appliance: David McCall

Mr. Appliance Owner, David McCall, with Team

Mr. Appliance owner, David McCall, grew up repairing things for loved ones. He learned appliance repair through classes and "on the job" training. His mentors were long time appliance repairmen with a loyal following of customers. He officially began his appliance repair business in 2002. Three years later, David determined that he could serve his customers even better by becoming a Mr. Appliance franchise.

"We won't give you a phony lowball estimate"

We are constantly undergoing training and as a Mr. Appliance franchise, we have access to some of the best and most up to date information. Furthermore, our pricing structure eliminates the guesswork, which means there are never any surprises. We find our customers welcome a firm quote before a job starts. As David says, "We won't give you a phony lowball estimate just to get a foot in the door."

"Leave no trace behind"

You'll recognize your Mr. Appliance technician by his uniform and ID badge. He will carry a special doormat to clean off his shoes. Then he'll put on shoe covers. All this is to protect the flooring in your home. Even his tools are laid on a special tool mat. Mr. Appliance is fanatically committed to its "leave no trace behind" policy! Now, Mr. Appliance of Portland offers exceptional services to customers throughout all of Clark County and the surrounding areas. If you are dealing with a difficult or damaged appliance, reach out to our team today!

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Appliance Repair | Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my oven turn on but not heat up?

Trying to make dinner but it's not getting cooked? From the oven not heating up at all to your oven not heating to the correct temperature to your oven not cooking food evenly, heating issues can throw a kink in meal plans.

All of these heating issues could be due to:

  • A faulty igniter,
  • A broken heating element,
  • A faulty or improperly placed temperature sensor,
  • A calibration issue, or
  • Poor food position in the oven (this can be fixed by simply repositioning your food in the oven!).

Before throwing in the towel and purchasing a new oven, there's a good chance it's reparable. Whatever the issue may be, our oven repair pros can help! Reach out to us and we’ll be over ASAP to take a look!

Appliance Repair and Maintenance - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to repair my 7-year-old washing machine?

On average, washers last about 12 years so you can likely save your 7-year-old washer by having it professionally repaired. There’s also some care and maintenance practices you can perform to help your washer last up to its average lifespan. For instance, if your washer starts to shake, try leveling it by adjusting the little legs at the bottom and make sure your laundry is evenly distributed inside the main tub. And transferring your clean laundry to your dryer as soon as the wash cycle is done can help prevent mold and mildew growth in your washer.

Why does the ice from my fridge’s ice dispenser smell and taste bad?

Did you know the air circulation in your freezer is shared with fridge? Smelly ice is likely caused by old food and improperly-sealed food in your fridge; the food odors will then circulate into your freezer and get into your ice. To help fix this, throw out old food, properly seal your food, try wiping down the plastic walls in your fridge with a paper towel soaked in vanilla extract, and deodorize your freezer by opening up a box of baking soda and leaving that in your freezer.

Looking for an honest and reputable appliance repair company? Visit our testimonials page to see why our customers love our services!

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Neighborly is the parent company of Mr. Appliance. It’s just one of many home maintenance solutions available to you. At Neighborly, we are committed to being there for all your home services needs.

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