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Got a problem that can only be solved with experienced appliance repair? Traverse City homeowners, don’t let the stress of broken down appliances disrupt the comfort and convenience of your household when you can simply call the Traverse City appliance repair technicians at Mr. Appliance!

When you call on Mr. Appliance® of Traverse City, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the appliance repair service and support you deserve in a timely manner. We make it our mission that our appliance repair experts get your appliances running smoothly again, no matter how complex the problem may seem.

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Expert Appliance Repair Traverse City Homeowners Can Count On

Modern appliances have only been a part of our lives for a tiny fraction of human history, but in that short span of time, they've become absolutely indispensable for the time-saving convenience, sanitation and comfort they provide to our households. Because we rely on appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines to complete our daily routines, it can feel incredibly aggravating and sometimes even frightening when they don't work properly, and we can no longer rely on them to function as intended. 

Stop struggling with an appliance that only half works, or worse, doesn't work at all. If you need appliance repair, Traverse City appliance techs at Mr. Appliance have the skill and training to get your appliance back in perfect working order and help keep it that way with professional maintenance services. In the odd situation where repair isn't feasible, we can also get a replacement appliance installed for you.

We Repair All Types of Residential Appliances in Traverse City

We understand that appliance problems can be an inconvenience. That's why, at Mr. Appliance of Traverse City, we strive to make the process as hassle-free as possible. Our team is also factory-authorized for major appliance brands, allowing us to better extend the high-quality service you need.  

We have the skills and qualifications to handle:

  • Kitchen Appliance Repair: stove tops, ranges, ovens, refrigerator repairs, dishwashers, freezers, etc.
  • Laundry Appliance Repair: dryer repairs, washing machine repairs, etc.

We would be more than happy to provide qualified service for appliance repair. Traverse City and the surrounding areas, if you're looking for dependable, honest, and effective appliance technicians, be sure to call us or click the button below to schedule service today.

Mr. Appliance is the Right Choice for Appliance Repair in Traverse City, MI!

The Traverse City appliance repair technicians at Mr. Appliance of Traverse City know how important your household appliances are, especially when it comes to working through your daily routine. From difficulty with getting clothes dry to challenges preserving food in a faulty refrigerator that is in desperate need of appliance repair, Traverse City repair professionals on our team are here to resolve all your concerns.

Benefits of Calling Our Appliance Repair Team

  • Flat rate, upfront pricing
  • No overtime charges
  • “Leave no trace” commitment
  • One-year guarantee for labor and parts
  • Courteous, caring service
  • Qualified and expert technicians on the job
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Dependable appliance repair

Local Communities Near Traverse City Can Rely On Us, Too!

If you live in one of the towns or communities near Traverse City, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to find a capable, experienced service technician to deliver home services such as appliance repair. Traverse City's neighbors and those in more outlying areas in our service area can get the same quality workmanship and friendly customer service by simply calling the trustworthy team at Mr. Appliance of Traverse City.

When it comes to selecting the right team for your residential appliance services, Mr. Appliance is the right choice. Our company is more than prepared to provide the appliance repairs, service, or parts replacements you need. 

Contact us if you live in Grand Traverse County or the surrounding areas for appliance repair near you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Appliance Repair

Is It Worth It to Fix an Appliance Instead of Replacing It?

That depends on a few key factors, such as the age of the unit and the nature of the problem that requires appliance repair. If your appliance is only a few years old and there's an unexpected issue, it's highly likely that our appliance repair experts can get it back up and running so you're able to get years more service out of it. Fixing appliances can be cheaper than buying brand-new appliances, and it can also help improve the longevity of your appliance. Our reliable appliance repair technicians can get your appliance up and running in no time!

But it's also good to keep in mind that appliances only last so long. For example, you can expect refrigerators to hold up for around 14 years before they need replacement, as long as they've been well maintained over the years. If your appliance is aged and suffering from multiple issues, replacement may be the more cost-effective choice.

How Much Does Traverse City Appliance Repair Cost?

The price of appliance repair depends entirely on the type of appliance and the severity of the problem. Simple fixes will generally cost less in parts and labor, but more serious malfunctions can become costly, and it may be more cost-efficient to replace the appliance altogether. However, we want to be as transparent with you as possible.

Here is a breakdown of the average cost for appliance repair:

  • Stove/cooktop repair- $250
  • Dishwasher repair - $220
  • Refrigerator repair - $400
  • Oven repair - $300
  • Washer/dryer repair - $300

How Long Does Appliance Repair Take?

The time it takes to repair your appliance will depend on a number of factors:

  • Availability of the Technician: The clock doesn't really start ticking on a repair job until a technician can come out to your home and take a look at the problem. At Mr. Appliance of Traverse City, we strive to respond to all service requests as quickly as possible when it is convenient for you.
  • Complexity of the Problem: A simple repair job may be completed the same day or the next day. A complex problem may take a few days or longer to be resolved. Our Traverse City appliance repair technicians work quickly to get your appliance up and running as soon as possible so that your life can get back on track.
  • Parts Needed: Some appliances cannot be fixed without new parts. If new parts need to be ordered, your repair job may take longer than expected, especially if there is a parts shortage. With Mr. Appliance of Traverse City, you can trust that your appliance repair job will be completed as soon as possible, and we'll keep you in the loop if any delays come up.

Contact us at Mr. Appliance of Traverse City today to get started!

Appliance Care and Maintenance Tips

Your appliances are remarkably durable and long-lasting, especially when you consider they are complex machines that are typically used on a daily basis—sometimes numerous times per day. But as impressive as they are, they can't hold up forever without the occasional appliance repair. Traverse City homeowners who are looking for ways to extend the service life of their favorite appliances should ensure they're giving their units the proper care and maintenance over time. 

Caring for Your Refrigerator

Nobody wants to live without the convenience of a refrigerator to keep food cold and unspoiled, and you can get many years of service from your refrigerator with a few basic care and maintenance steps and avoid the need for frequent appliance repair. Traverse City homeowners should note that proper maintenance for refrigerators includes:

  • Clean Condenser Coils: Every six months or so, it's a good idea to gently clean off the condenser coils on the back or bottom of your refrigerator unit. Much like an air conditioning system, your refrigerator cycles the refrigerant through an evaporator and condenser system to remove thermal energy from inside the refrigerator and deposit it outside the unit. If the condenser coils are covered in dust and grime, they can't do their work properly, and it will reduce the performance of your refrigerator while at the same time increasing its energy consumption.
  • Change Water Filter: While you're cleaning the condenser coils on a bi-yearly basis, remember to change your refrigerator's water filter as well. This will help ensure your water and ice are clean, safe and completely potable, but it also helps your refrigerator by cutting down on mineral deposits that can build up inside water tubes and partially or completely block the flow of water.
  • Don't Overstuff: Most people consider the sight of a full refrigerator to be a good thing, but it's actually not great for your refrigerator to have it stuffed to the brim. When it's packed too full, there's no room for air to circulate around the inside of the unit, which can prevent it from getting down to the correct temperature to keep your food safe. But if it's not full enough, it'll lose too much air when you open the door and not operate with maximum energy efficiency. The best practice is to keep it about 70 to 85 percent full.

Caring for Your Dishwasher

When customers call us for dishwasher appliance repair in Traverse City, they sometimes report that they noticed the problem a long time ago, and it's slowly gotten worse until they couldn't deal with it anymore. The longer you wait to get professional repair service, the more complicated and time-consuming the repair will be. But if you're aware of the signs that your machine is in trouble, you can get help earlier on before it spirals into a catastrophe. 

Here are some of the key warning signs that a dishwasher needs Traverse City appliance repair services:

  • Dishes are still dirty after the wash cycle completes
  • Glassware comes out cloudy and covered in water spots
  • Dishes aren't warm right after the wash cycle finishes
  • Wash cycle is taking noticeably longer than it used to
  • Dishwasher has a visible leak or a mysterious puddle forming near it
  • Either the water isn't filling properly or isn't draining away properly—or both
  • Dishwasher is making unusual noises like buzzing, grinding or screeching

For affordable appliance repair in Traverse City, MI, give us a call or contact us online today! We take pride in providing dependable services that you can depend on.

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