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Depending on your home goals, certain appliances can make or break a home—for example, you may require a home laundry unit or a kitchen that would make a Michelin-starred chef proud.

Once you have all the appliances you’ve deemed necessary, it’s important to remember that all things are finite, and even the best, top-of-the-line appliances require maintenance and the occasional repair. Some common appliance problems include:

  • Water leaks in refrigerators and dishwashers
  • No heat in ovens and stoves
  • Poor efficiency in ice machines and freezers
  • Broken components in dryers and washers

For all these problems and more, our Hendersonville appliance repair professionals at Mr. Appliance of Hendersonville are here to help. We’re experts in identifying every possible problem regardless of the appliance, as well as taking the necessary steps to repair it.

Need expert appliance repair services in Hendersonville? If you’re experiencing any problems, call us or schedule your service here!

Residential Repair Services for Every Appliance

Our Hendersonville appliance repair technicians work on every appliance, from the ones in your kitchen to the ones in your laundry room.

And the services we provide don’t stop at residences—we offer the same repairs to commercial buildings as well. This includes appliances that residential buildings might not have, such as walk-in freezers and steam tables.

Our residential appliance repair services include:

You can count on our Hendersonville repair team for speedy and expert service! Book your appointment online or by giving us a call. We'll see you soon!

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Mr. Appliance of Hendersonville

Choose the appliance services team in your area. When it comes to selecting the right team for your commercial or residential appliance services, Mr. Appliance is the right choice.

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Signs You Need Appliance Repair in Hendersonville

Rather than making a costly investment to replace your appliance, when your washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, oven, or any other appliance in your home is having issues, do not hesitate to let our Henderson appliance repair team identify the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

The following are common signs that you need appliance repair:

  • The appliance is making strange noises

  • The appliance is producing a burning smell

  • The appliance is leaking water

  • The appliance is malfunctioning or not working at all

  • The appliance is sparking

  • You are experiencing power issues in your home

  • Your electricity bill is higher than normal

Why Trust Our Hendersonville Appliance Repair Team?

At Mr. Appliance of Hendersonville, we aren't your average appliance repair company. From the initial call to the end of your service, we're here to provide you with an amazing experience.

Once you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll be on time, prepared to work, and provide an accurate repair quote before starting. When we’re done, we’ll pack and clean everything as if we were never there.

We're also backed by a great reputation! Check out our appliance repair reviews to see why customers love our services.

Our Expert Service Professionals Leave No Trace!

Mr. Appliance service professional at Hendersonville home putting shoe covers on

Did you know we show up to our jobs in uniform? We'll also have a doormat with us and even put on shoe covers to ensure your home is kept clean and tidy. After all, we're here to help you, not make your situation worse.

We Warranty Our Appliance Repairs!

Furthermore, we warranty our appliance repair services according to our Neighborly Done Right Promise®. With us, your appliance repair service isn't done until it's done right.

Looking for appliance repairs in Hendersonville? Call or click here to schedule a service!

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Appliance Care and Maintenance Tips from Mr. Appliance of Hendersonville

Did you know using your appliances the right way and maintaining them can help their life expectancy? Here are a few tips and tricks from your local appliance repair experts!

How to Care for Your Refrigerator

Clean Your Condenser Coils

Did you know clogged and dirty condenser coils are one of the causes of the dreaded "warm" fridge? That's because clogged condenser coils don't efficiently release heat and hinder the fridge's cooling system. To clean your condenser coils, simply follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your fridge
  2. Locate the coils - they are either behind your fridge or underneath towards the front
  3. Remove any access panels
  4. Using a vacuum and/or coil cleaning brush, clean all of the dust, dirt, and debris that's clogging the coils
  5. Put the access panel back on
  6. Plug-in your fridge

We'd recommend cleaning your condenser coils about every 6 months. If you have pets, you should check the condenser coils a little more frequently!

How to Care for Your Dryer

Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

Did you know your dryer lint trap only collects about 30% of the lint in your dryer? The rest of the lint sneaks past the lint trap, collects in your dryer vent, and creates a fire hazard. To not only help your dryer run more efficiently, but to safeguard you, your family, and your home from a potential fire, you should have your dryer vent professionally checked and cleaned once every 3 to 12 months.

We offer dryer vent cleaning services; if you can't remember when yours was last cleaned, book your service and we'll be out to take a look!

About Hendersonville, TN

At 57,888 residents, Hendersonville is the largest city in Sumner County and the 4th-largest in the Nashville metropolitan area. Hendersonville was founded in 1784, but it truly started growing after the building of the Old Hickory Dam in 1954. The city is also known as “the city by the lake” for its proximity to Old Hickory Lake, where people can fish, kayak, and swim. Local spots offer a wide array of shopping options, like the Streets of Indian Lake, which hosts the Hendersonville Farmers Market and other events. Today, Hendersonville is largely known as a desirable place to live, with good schools, low crime rates, and relatively affordable housing.

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