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Everyone can appreciate the convenience that appliances bring, of course. But when you come home after a long day and the refrigerator stopped working, or the washing machine is overflowing, you find yourself wishing to be back as a renter so that you don’t need to figure out a solution. Fortunately, you’ve heard about Mr. Appliance of Alexandria before.

Licensed & Insured Appliance Specialists

Our licensed and insured appliance specialists are here to help get things back on track with efficient maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

Flexible Appointments

Our appointment times are flexible to work around your busy schedule. We arrive on time, and before beginning a project, we perform a thorough inspection of the situation to ensure that we offer the best solution and honest pricing. You should never be surprised with hidden fees, after all.

Local Reputation

But you don’t need to take our word for it. We ask our customers to share their feedback after every service, and part of that includes these local testimonials – check out what others say about working with us!

Reach out online or give us a call today for residential and commercial appliance services in Alexandria!

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Why Choose Mr. Appliance

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Mr. Appliance of Alexandria

Choose the appliance services team in your area. When it comes to selecting the right team for your commercial or residential appliance services, Mr. Appliance is the right choice.

Areas We Serve

Alexandria, Arlington, Lorton, Newington, Springfield, Woodbridge

Services We Provide

Mr. Appliance of Alexandria Appliance Repair Services

Taking Care of Large & Small Appliance Repairs

At Mr. Appliance of Alexandria, our repair technicians can fix both minor and major appliances. We can take care of microwave and convection oven repairs, washer and dryer repairs, and everything in between.

Simply put, we know how to handle a variety of problems with a variety of household appliances. So when yours break down, why wait? Turn to our experienced team.

Dishwasher Repair Near DC

If your dishwasher isn't working properly, there are a few key signs to watch out for. First, check to see if the dishwasher is draining properly. If water is pooling in the dishwasher or there is standing water after a cycle, this is a sign that the dishwasher isn't draining correctly. Second, take a look at the dishwasher's spray arm. If the spray arm is not rotating or if the water pressure is low, this can indicate a problem with the dishwasher's pump. Finally, check the dishwasher's door seal. If there are cracks or gaps in the seal, this could be causing water to leak out of the dishwasher.

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to call a dishwasher repair service in DC.

Comprehensive Washing Machine Repair in Alexandria, VA

Our technicians can repair:

  • Combination units
  • Compact washing machines
  • Front-loading washing machines
  • Top-loading washing machines
  • And more!

Whether the water isn’t draining properly, you’ve started noticing leaks around the washing machine, your washer won’t turn on, or there is simply no cold water running to your washer, we can help.

Mr. Appliance of Alexandria brings the same level of well-rounded expertise to every appliance repair job we take on. We can provide preventive maintenance, regular service, and emergency repairs!

The Bottom Line

Our professionals have years of experience with nearly all brands and types of kitchen and laundry room appliances.

Some of the common appliance repair services that home and business owners call us for include:

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. So, if you have a situation in which you could use professional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re happy to discuss how we can help, or point you in the right direction with quality recommendations.

What are the Benefits of Appliance Repair in Alexandria?

No matter what appliance is experiencing issues, it is beneficial to let our team at Mr. Appliance of Alexandria make the necessary repairs. Although you may believe that you will save money if you do it yourself, there are many advantages to obtaining professional appliance repair services.The following are the main benefits of appliance repair in Alexandria:

  • High-quality service – Not only are all our appliance specialists licensed and insured, but they have the training and experience to sufficiently repair a wide range of appliance-related problems. Even if you follow the steps in the manual or watch a tutorial online, there is plenty of room to make mistakes or detect other potential issues.
  • Safety first – When it comes to appliance repair, there are many possible hazards that could lead to minor and serious injury, from burns and electrical shock to strained muscles and falling heavy objects. Why put yourself in danger when you can hire our Alexandria handyman who is well-versed in safety training.
  • Saves time and money – If your busy schedule does not give you enough time to repair your appliance, our professionals have the latest tools and experience to get the job done efficiently and fast. Additionally, professional appliance repair services can save you money in the long run by extending the life of your appliance.

Reach out online or give us a call today for residential and commercial appliance services in Alexandria!

Brands We Service

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