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Refrigerator Repair in Salem, MA

Looking for Speedy & Expert Refrigerator Repair Near You? Count On Us!

We’ve all been there – you roll out of bed, head to the fridge when you’re greeted with one of the following:

  • A lukewarm gust of air,
  • A dark abyss, or
  • A pool of water at your feet.

If this is your situation, your fridge has failed overnight with little to no warning. With daily use, there’s no wonder why even the most expensive fridges can give out after time.

When your fridge starts to give you trouble, it’s important to consider all your solutions. While you might shop for a new fridge on a shopping app, we suggest seeing if your fridge is reparable. And while there are DIY repair guides online, you should turn to our refrigerator repair pros!

At Mr. Appliance of Salem, we:

You can count on us for superior refrigerator repair services!

We’re prepared to handle any residential fridge you may have, regardless of the issues. We’re qualified to handle many types, makes, and models. Call us today to save your favorite refrigerator!

Need refrigerator repair in Salem, MA? Give our team a call at (978) 306-4091 or book your service online to get started!

Is it Worth Having My Refrigerator Repaired?

Ah, the age-old question! Ultimately, the answer of “is it worth having my fridge repaired rather than replaced?” is not that simple. There are a few factors that can determine whether you should have it repaired or buy a new fridge.

Some of these factors include:

  • Cost of the repair vs. cost of a replacement
  • Frequency of repairs needed
  • The age of your fridge

Whether you not you have the budget for a brand-new fridge is another question. Even the most basic model tends to be a good chunk of money.

Fridge repairs can be as much as three to four times cheaper than purchasing a newer model.

We are here to help ensure you’re making the most cost-effective decision! During our in-person service call, we’ll provide you with an up-front estimate for your repair. We'll even waive the service call fee if you go through with the repair.

Either way, we’ll help guide and inform your decision-making. We want you to have the ultimate peace of mind you’re making the best choice. We’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of your fridge.

What Are the Signs My Fridge Might Need a Repair Soon?

Refrigerators can stop working overnight with no notice. In light of this, it's likely your fridge exhibited warning signs.

It's important to understand these early warning signs of fridge trouble. Doing so can save you from more issues down the road which leads to more service calls, repairs, and spoiled food.

Some signs that your fridge needs to be repaired include:

Odd Noises

It’s very normal for fridges to hum and vibrate softly. The sounds should be quiet enough that they fade into the background of your normal ambiance. Unusual noises and violent vibrations could be warning signs of a major problem.

Expensive to Use

Experiencing an unexplained spike in your utility bills? Your fridge might need a service if you notice a dip in efficiency in your fridge’s operation or overall cost of use. When your fridge is inefficient, it works harder, thus accelerating its expiration date.

Fridge’s Temperature

Sudden and extreme temperature changes could mean your fridge needs a service. While fridges can be warm, they should never be too hot to touch. If your food spoils more, it may be due to a thermostat malfunction that is altering the temperature.

No Water or Ice

Does your fridge have a water and ice dispenser? If so, make sure you have replaced your filters as needed. If you are still experiencing problems, you may have a bigger issue on your hands.

Are you experiencing one of these above issues or feel that your fridge isn’t like what it used to be? If so, schedule your service call with our Salem, MA fridge repair professionals!

Although it may be tempting, don't write off any of these none of these warning signs. They could be early indicators that something is wrong with your fridge. The sooner you have your fridge serviced, the sooner you’re able to ensure the reliability of your fridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Frigidaire refrigerator repair?

Yes, we can absolutely service your Frigidaire refrigerator. Frigidaire is just one of the 100+ brands of appliances we can service.

Searching for reliable, efficient, and guaranteed fridge repair in Salem, MA? Give our team a call at (978) 306-4091 or contact us online to schedule your service today!

Mr. Appliance tech walking homeowner through refrigerator repair
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