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Dealing with a broken washer? Nothing could be more inconvenient, especially on the weekend, when your family depends on having clean clothes for the upcoming week.

If your washer has broken down, simply give our experts a call to book your repair service! We’ll waive the service call fee if you proceed with our recommended repair.

Common Washing Machine Problems

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Below are some of the most common problems washers experience:

  • Your washer doesn’t drain
  • Your washer’s drain hose or pump is clogged
  • Your washer doesn’t turn on
  • Your washer smells bad
  • Your washer door doesn’t lock

If you’re noticing any of these signs, don’t hesitate in giving us a call so we can work to get your washer back in prime condition!

Washer Proper Use & Maintenance Tips

Proper use can help your washer last! Here’s what we recommend:

Use the right amount of detergent

We know it’s tempting to use double the amount of detergent for larger loads or very dirty clothes. Fact is, your washer doesn’t need that much nor should you use that much! Too much detergent will cause your washer to work extra hard to remove the suds. Instead, just measure the detergent according to your detergent brand’s directions.

Don’t overload your washer

Washing too many clothes or linens at once could damage your washer’s drum and cause your washer to not run efficiently. This will cause more wear and tear on your appliance thereby decreasing its lifespan. Instead, just fill your washer about two-thirds of the way up and you should be in good shape.

Keep your washer clean

Don’t be shy in washing your washer! It’s easy for gunk and bacteria to build up in your washer. Clean your soap and fabric softeners regularly and keep your eye on the rubber seals around your door as those can get dirty, too. About once a month or so, just run an empty load with hot water and 1-2 cups of white vinegar to keep your washer in clean, working order.

Need an Expert Washing Machine Repairman? Mr. Appliance of Salem Can Help You!

Our Salem, MA washer repair experts are backed by positive reviews! We operate on providing speedy, expert service because that’s ultimately what you, and your appliances, depend on. We’ll keep you updated via text and email, as well as send a picture of the tech who’ll help you. We also provide flat-rate, upfront pricing so you aren’t surprised with any hidden fees at the end.

Need expert washing machine repair near Salem, MA? Give us a call or visit our contact us page to book your service!

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