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Blog Posts in April

  • Water from a leaky refrigerator visible on a kitchen floor.

    Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water?

    A puddle under the fridge, or inside it, is unfortunate but certainly not uncommon. A dirty defrost drain is the most common ...

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  • Mouse sitting next to a frayed black electrical wire.

    Dealing with Mice in Appliances

    Wait, did you just hear a squeak coming out of the oven or the dryer vent? Can mice live in appliances? They absolutely can. ...

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  • Bottom rack of dishwasher loaded with plastic dishware that is still wet.

    A Guide to Symbols on the Bottom of Plastic Containers

    The stench of burning plastic fills the kitchen, and you know something’s wrong. When you pull the dishwasher door open, steam ...

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