Freezer Repair and Maintenance Services

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A malfunctioning freezer with temperature inconsistency can quickly spoil a freezer full of food, which is why this kitchen appliance repair should never be ignored.

Your local Mr. Appliance® service professionals have the experience and training to repair your freezer. Whether it is a failing thermostat or a broken compressor, your Mr. Appliance pro knows how to get the job done right! Freezers are made to last 12 to 20 years. To get the most out of your appliance, schedule an appointment with Mr. Appliance today.

Freezer Repair and Servicing

DIY freezer repair can be dangerous; Mr. Appliance has the expertise and tools required to replace and repair specialized parts for all types of freezers, including evaporator fans, safety switches, and defrost controls.

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Common Freezer Problems We Service

Our appliance experts can repair all types of refrigerator freezers, including standalone chest freezers. We also provide routine freezer maintenance services to keep your appliance running efficiently. If you own a business, trust our commercial freezer repair services to keep your appliances up and running.

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Here are some of the most common freezer problems we address:

  • The freezer won’t turn on: A freezer that won't turn on will cause food to spoil, which can be very costly. A defective compressor or failing electrical board could be to blame. This requires a quick replacement to ensure your freezer continues operating and prevents food from spoiling.
  • The freezer is too cold: If your appliance overcools, you may suddenly wonder why frost is building up in your freezer. Underlying issues, like a faulty defrost timer, defrost control board, or thermostat, might be the cause.
  • The freezer is not cooling: If your freezer is not cooling, it could be caused by human error, a failing door seal, or other issues.
  • The freezer is fluctuating in temperature: If the temperature fluctuates in your freezer, it can cause food spoilage. A Mr. Appliance professional will quickly diagnose the issue and replace any necessary parts to ensure your freezer maintains the proper temperature.
  • The door seals are defective or damaged: A damaged seal leads to energy waste and freezer frost buildup. If there is an issue, replacing a freezer seal is critical, as damaged door seals can lead to water leaking onto your kitchen floor.
  • The freezer makes noises: Frequent, unusual noises could indicate a compressor or motor issues. Our service professionals can quickly identify the problem before your freezer completely fails, saving food from spoiling.
  • The freezer has an ice buildup problem: If your freezer is coated in ice, it may be caused by a defrost system malfunction, which will require servicing.

Pro Tip: If your freezer is located in the garage, make sure the appliance has adequate space to ensure proper ventilation.

Freezer Brands We Service

The Mr. Appliance team is trained and experienced in servicing many common freezer brands, including the following:

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Freezer Parts We Replace

Freezers are complex appliances with a variety of parts that keep them operating efficiently. With over 30 years of appliance repair and maintenance experience, you can trust Mr. Appliance to get the job done right, with service that is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™️.

Need replacement parts? We replace these common freezer parts:

  • Compressors
  • Defrosters
  • Defrost timers and heaters
  • Door seals/gaskets
  • Evaporator coils
  • Evaporator fans
  • Motors
  • Overload protectors
  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Thermostats

Schedule Freezer Repair Near Me

Working on a tight schedule? Mr. Appliance will get your freezer up and running again ASAP. A broken freezer can waste energy and lead to spoiled food. Tackling the problem quickly will save you money in the long run. Call or schedule service online today!

FAQ About Freezer Repair

We don't always realize how much we rely on an appliance until it malfunctions, and freezer repair can be tricky. Here are some of the most common questions we receive regarding freezer repair.

Is It Worth Repairing a Freezer?

The initial cost of a freezer generally makes repairing a freezer rather than replacing it a more cost-effective option. Even a freezer that is a decade old is worth repairing, depending on the issue. Talk with a service professional about the type and cost of the repair before you make a final decision.

How Do I Defrost a Freezer?

To defrost your freezer, remove all food from the freezer and place it in coolers for storage, place towels all around the freezer, then unplug the freezer and allow the ice to melt. Once all the ice has melted, clean the freezer and plug it back in. Make sure it reaches the correct temperature before returning your food.

Is It Possible To Fix a Freezer?

Yes, it is very possible to fix a malfunctioning freezer. A freezer may stop working due to a failing component, which a trained service professional can swap out. In many cases, it is more cost-efficient to repair a freezer than it is to purchase a new one.

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