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4 Reasons Why Your Freezer Door Is Not Sealing

Few things are worse than opening your freezer and realizing that all your food has gone bad.

Dealing with a defective freezer door seal can be a hassle, especially when you can’t pinpoint the problem. Thankfully, finding the culprit isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Explore this article to learn possible reasons your freezer door is not sealing so you can troubleshoot the issue:

  • Reason 1: Dirty gasket
  • Reason 2: Defective door gasket
  • Reason 3: Gasket must be reattached
  • Reason 4: Gasket must be replaced
  • FAQs about freezer door upkeep

Reason 1: Dirty Gasket

A dirty gasket, or seal, may be the reason why your freezer door is not sealing. A number of freezer door issues are the result of grimy gaskets, the rubber seal that goes around the outside of refrigerator and freezer doors.

Your appliance door won’t shut properly if the seal is filthy. Fortunately, it’s not hard to fix the issue.

How to Fix It

Begin by mixing a little dishwashing soap and water in a bowl. Then take a toothbrush, dip it into the liquid, and clean the gasket. Take all the grease off before wiping the area with a moist towel.

A good rule of thumb is to clean this outer edge once a week to prevent debris and other yuck from developing on the seal.

Reason 2: Defective Door Gasket

The freezer door gasket around your appliance works to keep cold air in so your food stays fresh.

If your gasket is defective, however, your freezer will have a hard time keeping your food cold. It may also contribute to an increase in your electricity bills since your freezer will work harder to maintain an appropriate temperature.

How to Fix It

A gasket is a strip of rubber that lines the entire freezer door to keep cold air in and outside air out. Unfortunately, the gasket can become loose over time.

First, take your hand and move it along the edges of your appliance door when it’s closed. You’ll feel a wave of cold air if your seal is loose.

If that’s the case, use a cotton swab to insert a little petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) into the groove below the loose rubber. Doing this makes it easier to push the seal back into place and helps to prevent future air leaks. Lastly, push the seal back in.

Reason 3: Gasket Must Be Reattached

Older seals may become twisted or detached from constantly opening and closing your appliance door.

How to Fix It

The good news is that you can repair a twisted or unattached seal. Keep in mind that realignment will depend on your appliance’s model. For example, some seals are connected with adhesive tape while others are held with gasket cement, a type of glue made for freezer door seals.

Reason 4: Gasket Must Be Replaced

Sometimes no matter what you do, your gasket is just beyond repair. That’s usually the case if it’s cracked, bent, torn, or hard instead of flexible.

How to Fix It

We recommend trying the paper test if your door isn’t sealing. Begin by placing a piece of paper between the gasket and freezer, then close the door and pull the paper. You’ll need to replace the seal if the paper slips right out.

You can either replace the gasket yourself or call a professional service to do it. If you do it yourself, take the new gasket out of its packaging and let it sit in warm water for at least 10 minutes while you work to remove the old one. This helps the seal become more pliable for installation and straightens any bends developed from the packaging.

Finally, wipe the gasket dry before mounting it along your freezer door edges. Consult your appliance manual if you run into trouble while installing or give us a call.

FAQs about Freezer Door Upkeep

Why is my freezer door not sealing?

Your freezer door may not be sealing due to a number of factors like a dirty gasket, malfunctioning door seal, or one of the other reasons listed above. We encourage you to call your local Mr. Appliance if you’re unable to troubleshoot or fix the problem.

How do I know if my freezer door seal is bad?

You can conduct a paper test to check for any seal deformities. Start by placing a piece of paper between the gasket and freezer, then shut the door and pull on the paper. It’s probably time for a freezer seal replacement if the paper comes out.

Does Vaseline help a freezer door seal?

Petroleum jelly such as Vaseline helps to soften a gasket that’s dried up and creates a seal around your freezer door. Keep in mind that this fix won’t repair cracks, tears, or other damage, but it can temporarily seal the gasket until it can be replaced.

Let Us Repair Your Freezer Door

Your freezer is crucial for preserving food. A freezer door seal helps to maintain the perfect temperature to prevent food from going bad.

If your freezer isn’t sealing, not to worry. Our service technicians can identify the reason and find a solution.

Learn more about our freezer repair service and how you can restore your freezer door to its like-new condition.

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