6 Causes of Why Your Freezer Is Leaking Water

Standing water covering a white kitchen floor.
Dealing with a leaky freezer can be a nightmare, especially if you have to throw out all the food you just bought.

Thankfully, finding the culprit to the pool of water around your appliance is not so hard if you know what to look for.

Learn about six potential causes of a freezer leaking water and what to do about each:

Cause 1: Cracked Drain Pan

A very common reason why your freezer leaks water is a cracked drain pan. As your freezer runs to keep food cold, it produces condensation. The drain pan is responsible for collecting this water to prevent leaks.

If your drain pan is cracked, however, it can cause a leak to develop underneath the appliance.

How to fix it: Begin by inspecting the manufacturer’s manual to identify where the drain pan is located. In most appliances, it can be found at the bottom of the freezer. You must replace the drain pan if it’s cracked. We encourage you to call a professional service to resolve this issue.

Cause 2: Congested Drain Hole

A congested drain hole, or defrost hole, can be the cause behind your freezer leaking water. The drain hole is located on the back of your appliance and works to gather and drain water out.

A leak may form over time due to clogged food, debris, and grease. It’s vital to regularly clean your drain hole to prevent any buildup.

How to fix it: Begin by filling a basting syringe with warm water, then place the end of it into the drain hole and squeeze to let water out. This helps to remove any ice from the drain. Lastly, wash the drain pan with soapy water and a sponge before you rinse it out with water.

Cause 3: Poorly Arranged Food

Not every leak will require an extensive repair. For example, leakage may stem from food not being properly arranged in your freezer.

Food that contains a lot of moisture (frozen fruit, veggies, etc.) can increase the amount of condensation inside your freezer. Too many items that are placed against the back wall can also cause moisture to build up. As a result, water will gather, trickle down the wall of the freezer, and leak out the back.

How to fix it: Just rearrange your food so that moisture doesn’t accumulate inside.

Cause 4: Defrosting Your Freezer Too Much

Defrosting your freezer can be a good thing to prevent too much ice from amassing inside. But all that defrosted water can end up on the ground if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

A good rule of thumb is to defrost your appliance at least once a year, especially if the ice buildup is more than 1/4 inch thick.

How to fix it: Place towels below the freezer during the defrosting process. This works to soak up any water that may pool underneath your fridge. Remove them promptly to prevent floor damage.

Cause 5: Damaged Door Seal

A damaged door seal is another common reason for a freezer to leak water.

The seal stops warm air from coming into your appliance. If it’s broken, however, warm air may enter and cause food to melt. Water needs somewhere to go, and without a functionable seal, it’ll end up below your fridge.

How to fix it: Wipe the seal with a soft cloth and a little bit of soapy water. You’ll need to replace the seal if this method doesn’t work.

Cause 6: Malfunctioning Temperature Control

The temperature control works to maintain the right temperature to keep all your food cold. A leak may form if the temperature is not set to the proper degree or if the control malfunctions.

How to fix it: Make sure that the temp is at or below 0°F (-17.78°C). To test the temp control, put a thermometer in a glass of oil (vegetable oil or equivalent will work), cover the bulb portion of it, and place it in the middle of the freezer. If you’ve tested it and your food is still melting, consult your local Mr. Appliance for a repair.

FAQs About Leaky Freezers

Why is my freezer leaking water from the bottom?

A freezer may be leaking water from the bottom for a number of reasons. Refer to the content above to see if the problem is stemming from a cracked drain pan, congested drain hole, or something else.

How do I fix my freezer leak?

Fixing a leak will depend on the cause. We encourage you to try one of our solutions above or schedule a consultation with your local Mr. Appliance.

Where can I find the freezer drain hole?

The drain hole can be found on the back of your freezer.

Mr. Appliance Can Fix Your Freezer Leaking Water

Freezers help to preserve your food by safely storing it at the right temperature. But when a pool of water starts forming below your appliance, the likelihood of your food surviving decreases.

Fortunately, our team can accurately identify and fix leaks of any kind. Learn more about the freezer leaking water.

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