Repair vs. Replace? Why Appliance Repair is Better

We all want our appliances to last a long time. Every appliance, whether from a luxury brand or a budget-friendly manufacturer, is a big investment. Many people don't realize that the initial purchase of your appliance probably won’t be your only investment in the device.

Over their lifespan, most appliances will break down. But, like a car that occasionally needs new brakes or wheel bearings, the issues that lead to appliance breakdowns are rarely irreparable. Appliance repair is the best way to get the most out of your appliance across its full lifespan.

Ultimately, it will all come down to one debate — repair vs. replace. We'll explain why we recommend that homeowners repair instead of replace their broken appliances in almost every scenario.

Appliance Repair vs. Replacement Benefits

The primary benefit of repairing an appliance is getting the appliance working again - but that's not the only advantage. Here are several other advantages to repairing an appliance vs replacing one:

  • Cost savings – Repairs cost less than buying a new appliance, plain and simple. By repairing your appliance, you can end up with a machine that runs just as well as a new model for a fraction of the cost.
  • Increased appliance lifespan – Many appliance breakdowns stem from a single component. Replacing this component allows the rest of the machine to keep functioning, extending its lifespan by years.
  • Improved energy efficiency – Appliances that don't work properly also don't run efficiently. Repair vs. replacement of a broken machine can lower your electric bill.
  • Reduced ecological impact – When you choose to repair vs. replace an appliance, that prevents it from making its way to the landfill early.

The Hidden Costs of Appliance Replacement

When you buy an appliance, you may be tempted to believe that the sticker price is what you're paying over the lifespan of the appliance. However, that's rarely the case. Here are some of the hidden costs of replacing an appliance:

  • Installation fees – Some appliance installations are more complex than plugging the machine into a wall, and their prices reflect that. The initially attractive cost of a new appliance can quickly lose its appeal once you factor in the cost of professional installation.
  • Transportation costs – While many places offer free shipping these days, appliances are often an exception.
  • New hookup installation – Not all homes are prepared for modern appliances. Dryers and other appliances may require new hookups, greatly increasing your overall expenses.
  • Wiring upgrades – Older homes may need expensive wiring upgrades to support the power draw of new machines.
  • Old unit disposal costs – When you buy a new appliance, the old one doesn't just disappear. Large appliances must be disposed of properly; unless you have multiple people and a large vehicle, disposal won't be free.

Appliance Repair FAQs

Why do we need to repair vs. replace appliances?

Repairing appliances is an excellent way to extend their lifespan and restore their functionality. Repairs also tend to be cheaper than buying a new appliance. They can even improve the performance and energy consumption of an existing unit.

Is it better to replace rather than risk paying for an inspection?

Worrying that a professional will come and diagnose your appliance irreparable is a common fear surrounding appliance repairs. And while it is a possibility, it's rarer than you might think.

Many appliance repair companies, including Mr. Appliance®, offer free inspections, which takes the guesswork out of calling for repairs. Even if the inspection does cost you, think of it as the routine maintenance cost, like going to a doctor and being told everything is fine.

Call Your Local Mr. Appliance for Reliable Appliance Repair Service

If your appliance has an issue, it's always best to get it checked out by an experienced repair expert before you run to your nearest appliance store and spend a lot of money. Contacting your local Mr. Appliance for repair services can help save you money and get your appliance back to peak performance. Don't let appliance problems worsen. Contact your local Mr. Appliance today!