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Blog Posts in September

  • Woman cleaning a refrigerator

    How to Freshen Up a Stinky Fridge

    No matter what the source of the odor, a stinky fridge can put a damper on even the simplest meal. If your fridge isn't doing its ...

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  • Clothes in a washer

    Why Does My Washing Machine Smell Bad?

    One of the most frequent questions that customers ask Mr. Appliance ® is, "Why does my washer stink?" Well, your washing machine ...

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  • Bottom of a smelly dishwasher with food debris.

    How to Clean a Smelly Dishwasher

    Dinner leftovers are put away, the counter is wiped, and dishes are clean. So where’s that smell coming from? If you’ve discovered ...

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  • Person taking food out of an oven

    Keep Food from Dripping in Your Oven

    Meal preparation is a messy venture for even the most experienced cooks, and the last thing you want to do is add more cleanup to ...

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