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Kitchen Maintenance and Upkeep

The New Year is a time many people rethink their habits and revitalize their lives. Could your kitchen use a little revitalization as well? In light of new beginnings that inspire people at the start of a new year, now could be the perfect time refresh your kitchen and make it feel up-to-date. Even if you can’t afford a complete renovation, you can breathe new life into your outdated kitchen with these affordable maintenance and upkeep tips.

Replace Hardware and Faucets

Hardware styles and even the metals used decades ago date your kitchen today. Bring it up-to-date with new chrome, stainless steel, brushed aluminum or nickel cabinet hardware and matching sink faucet. This small change can do wonders for your kitchen’s appearance.

Repaint the Cabinetry

If you love your current cabinets – especially once you find the perfect new door and drawer pulls – you can add a modern appeal simply by adding fresh color. Light oak cabinets of decades past have been largely replaced by dark-stained cabinets. Free up a weekend to clean and re-stain your cabinets for a major kitchen facelift.

For an even bolder change, paint your cabinets any color you want. Highly modern kitchens often boast bright cabinet doors contrasted with neutral countertops and wall colors.

Change the Walls

Whether you decide to repaint your cabinets or not, the kitchen walls could use a little upgrade, too. A fresh coat of paint is all it takes to completely change the color scheme in your kitchen. A new tiled backsplash can also add beauty and protect the newly painted walls from grease and oil splatters.

Install New Lights

Your kitchen can only be functional if it’s well lit. If you’ve dealt with an ugly fluorescent box light in your kitchen all these years, it’s time for an upgrade. Modern kitchens use a combination of recessed lights and pendant lighting to make the kitchen beautiful and functional.

Under-cabinet lights are another easy addition if you don’t want to get an electrician involved. Simply install your preferred style of under-cabinet accent lighting and plug it into a nearby outlet. Set the lights on a timer so they provide the perfect illumination at night without the need to turn on glaring overhead lights.

Upgrade Your Appliances

This change is among the more expensive kitchen upgrades you can make, but the impact can be huge – not just in the way you kitchen looks but in how much you enjoy spending time there. Just imagine what it would be like to have a professional gas stovetop, modern double ovens, spacious refrigerator and whisper-quiet dishwasher in place of your outdated, barely functioning appliances. By choosing energy-efficient upgrades, you’ll also save money on operating costs, allowing your investment to pay for itself over time.

Replace the Countertops

Does your aging kitchen have chipped laminate countertops? Bring it into the 21st century by upgrading to a more modern material, such as granite, quartz or soapstone. Other innovative materials are also making their way into kitchen countertops these days, including concrete, recycled glass and even paper.

Add Decorative Accents

Kitchen accents often serve both decorative and functional purposes. For example, a kitchen pot rack may show off your most expensive cookware, but it also frees up storage space in your cabinets. Flour, sugar and salt containers may decorate your countertop, but they also provide fast access to these baking essentials. Invest in accents that make your kitchen both more functional and more beautiful.

For additional tips to maintain and upkeep your kitchen in the new year, please contact Mr. Appliance® today.