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Blog Posts in Appliances - Big and Small

  • Open oven in kitchen with smoke coming out and tasty homemade pastry in the oven

    How to Tell if Your Oven is Accurate and Working Properly

    Are your family’s favorite dishes coming out under- or over-cooked? Your skills in the kitchen may not be to blame, but rather ...

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  • Woman loading dishes into dishwasher.

    How to Load a Dishwasher to Get Cleaner Dishes

    Washing dishes is one of the simpler household chores, especially if you’re lucky enough to have an automatic dishwasher. But ...

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  • What Is a Convection Microwave, and Is It Worth It?

    Microwaves were first introduced for household use in 1965, although they didn't become affordable until well into the 1970s. ...

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