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No one wants to begin preparing dinner, only to open their freezer and discover that it's stopped working. At Mr. Appliance of Mid America, we understand that freezer emergencies can be a real hassle, and we're here to help. Our professional and insured technicians are dedicated to finding fast, effective solutions for all of your fridge and freezer repairs in the Fairview Heights, IL area. With a workmanship guarantee and a one-year warranty on our freezer services, you can be confident that your freezer will be up and running in no time.

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Top Reasons Your Freezer May Not Be Working

Just like any appliance, fridge freezers have a lot of parts that work together to cool your food. One of the most common freezer repairs we encounter is a broken or otherwise defective gasket that prevents your freezer door from sealing. If you’re finding that you can’t shut your freezer door — and it’s wasting food and energy — read on to discover why this could happen and how Mr. Appliance of Mid America can help.

Dirty Freezer Gasket

A gasket, also known as a freezer seal, can easily get dirty or grimy over time. Unfortunately, this can cause your freezer door to not shut properly and let the cool air escape. This leads to higher energy bills, as well as food that doesn't stay cold.

Luckily, a dirty gasket has an easy fix. Combine water with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Once you've created the mixture, use a new, clean toothbrush to carefully scrub the rubber seal. Make sure you've removed all of the debris before finishing by wiping it down with a moist towel. We recommend cleaning your freezer gasket about once a week to keep it in good shape.

Defective Door Gasket

A gasket that is broken or defective won't be able to keep your food as fresh as possible. Like a dirty gasket, it could also lead to an increase in energy bills. If you think your gasket is defective, run your hand along the edges of the freezer door when it is shut. If the gasket is broken or loose, you will feel cold air. You can use a Q-tip to put Vaseline (or another type of petroleum jelly) into the gap under the loose gasket. It will help you push the gasket back into place.

Gasket Must Be Reattached

If your freezer is on the older side, your gasket may be worn out. Over time, gaskets can detach due to the frequent opening and shutting of the freezer door. Depending on your freezer model, you can reattach it with adhesive tape or gasket cement. If you’re not sure, we can examine your appliance for you.

Gasket Must Be Replaced

If your gasket is too worn to be fixed, it will need to be replaced. It’s better to replace the gasket altogether than to try to prolong the inevitable by attempting to fix a broken one. Examples of unfixable gasket problems include cracking, tearing, or if the rubber has turned hard. If you’re not sure whether or not your gasket is unfixable, we can take a look.

Fridge and Freezer Repairs You Can Trust

Our technicians at Mr. Appliance of Mid America can provide an efficient, professional fridge and freezer repair service. We’ll identify the exact cause of your freezer door issues and can advise you on the best ways to care for your trusted appliance. We work around your schedule to best accommodate your needs. Whether that means a standard weekday appointment or emergency fridge freezer repairs, you can trust Mr. Appliance of Mid America.

FAQs About Freezer Door Upkeep

If you have a question about freezer doors, Mr. Appliance of Mid America has an answer. Our qualified technicians know the ins and outs of fridge and freezer repairs, making them your trusted resource for all of your appliance-related questions. Read on to find the answers to some frequently asked questions about freezers and freezer door upkeep.

Does Vaseline Help a Freezer Door Seal?

Vaseline, or any generic petroleum jelly, can actually help with a tricky freezer gasket. Vaseline can soften a dried-out gasket, making it easier to push back into place. It should be noted that this isn't a permanent solution. It will simply create a temporary seal until you can get your freezer door professionally fixed.

Why is my freezer door not sealing?

There are a number of reasons your freezer door may not be sealing properly. Some causes include a dirty gasket, a defective seal, or a broken gasket. If you're having trouble identifying the source of the issue, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Appliance of Mid-America.

How do I know if my freezer door seal is bad?

The paper test is the best way to check the function of your freezer door seal. You can simply take a single sheet of paper and put it between your gasket and freezer. Once it is in place, shut the freezer door and attempt to pull out the paper. If it can be removed with the door shut, there's probably something wrong with the gasket.

Can a punctured freezer be repaired?

In some cases, it is possible to repair a punctured freezer. The answer will depend on the location of the puncture, as well as the severity. Some types of damage, like a Freon line puncture, will likely require a replacement, while others may not be as serious. Your technician at Mr. Appliance of Mid America will be more than happy to take a look at your freezer and help you find the best course of action.

Freezer Brands We Repair

Each type of freezer has its own unique components. When it comes to your fridge freezer repair, it’s important to work with a technician who has extensive experience with your particular brand. Mr. Appliance of Mid America services some of the top freezer brands, such as:

Let Us Repair Your Freezer Door in Fairview Heights

Without a working freezer, you could lose a lot of money in wasted food. Fortunately, the freezer door repair experts at Mr. Appliance of Mid America are here to help. We'll have your freezer door sealing properly again in no time. Get in touch today to learn more about freezer repair services in Fairview Heights, Belleville, Collinsville, Columbia, Edwardsville, and surrounding areas. Simply give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

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