Does your Samsung refrigerator have issues? Your local Mr. Appliance® would be glad to take a look. We specialize in Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance services and have been in the business for more than two decades. While this is a common appliance brand that we work on all the time, we’ll provide uncommonly good customer service and workmanship.

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Our Approach to Samsung Refrigerator Support

Problems like leaks, strange noises, and water or ice dispensing malfunctions are symptoms of several potential causes. Our job is to identify the true cause and provide a fast, long-lasting solution. Parts we commonly replace include thermostats, filters, solenoids, condensers, compressors, and door components. Samsung refrigerator ice maker repair is one of our most common jobs, but we’ve seen it all.

With upfront pricing and a service quality guarantee, we’ll make sure you’re not only satisfied but impressed with your Samsung fridge repair service. We also offer routine maintenance services to prolong the service life of your appliance.

Samsung Refrigerator Problems We Commonly Fix

You say this. We say that.

“My Samsung fridge is not making ice.” When a Samsung refrigerator ice maker is not working, our technicians start by checking for problems with the water line or the water filter. Try these ice maker troubleshooting tips, or connect with your local Mr. Appliance for Samsung refrigerator service.

“My Samsung fridge’s red light is on.” On many models of Samsung refrigerators, an unlabeled red light on the front indicates it’s time to change the fridge water filter. If you don’t want to DIY, or if you experience any Samsung refrigerator water filter replacement issues, our team can help. Other fridge models may use red lights for other status indicators, but these lights typically have a label or symbol that you can look up in your manual.

“My Samsung refrigerator’s leaking water.” Before you do anything else, unplug your fridge and soak up the water with towels. The most common reasons for Samsung fridge leaks are blocked water lines or defrost drains, but there are other potential causes. Our team would happily investigate the issue for you.

“My Samsung refrigerator’s making noise.” A Samsung fridge that’s making noise might not really be broken. But if you’re hearing a loud noise like rattling or ticking, check out our guide to silencing a loud fridge.

“My Samsung fridge is not working at all.” When the unit simply isn’t working, Samsung fridge troubleshooting may seem extra daunting. Is it a power issue? Is frost blocking something? Because there are so many potential causes, this is best diagnosed by an appliance professional.

“My Samsung fridge water is not working.” Not getting any water from the water dispenser? There may be a faulty inlet valve, switch, actuator, or control panel. There may also be an electrical problem. In other words, it’s complicated, and the safest course of action is reaching out to experts like Mr. Appliance.

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