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No kitchen is complete without an oven, stove top, or range. It is an essential component and brings a whole meal to the table. You want to be able to enjoy cooking for your family and friends, and that means that you need a fully functional oven, stove top, or range. When your stove breaks down, it can be both frustrating and inconvenient. Mr. Appliance of Idaho Falls will help you get cooking again with our expert repair services. Our appliance repair experts are standing by to quickly and efficiently get your stove working again. We offer up front pricing on all of our appliance repair services so that you know what to expect.

Make sure that your oven, stove top, or range is working properly for many years to come with our maintenance services. We can help ensure that your stove stays in working order so that you can keep cooking without any interruption.

Is your stove not functioning correctly? Have you noticed a problem with your oven? Don’t wait! Call us today at or contact us online to schedule your repair today.

Common Issues We Fix

Problems with your oven, stove top, or range can be numerous. We can help you with a broad range of issues, such as:

  • Burner won’t turn on -This can be a frustrating issue. Try swapping burners to see if the others will come on. If they do, let us know. We’ll be able to fix it.
  • Burner gets too hot no matter what setting it’s on - Usually, this is due to a faulty switch. Our Idaho Falls oven, stove top, and range repair experts can confirm what’s happening.
  • Indicator light stays on- This is also typically due to a bad switch. We will also check to make sure everything else is working once we’ve fixed the switch.
  • Over door is stuck - This frustrating issue can be caused by a number of issues. We’ll help you get unstuck so you can return to your baking.
  • Broiler is not working - It’s possible that this problem is caused by a faulty igniter, which may require a replacement.
  • Oven not heating properly- An improperly heating oven can be caused by a variety of issues but not to worry - we will track down what’s causing the irregularities.

We have seen it all - the above list is just a small sample of some of the issues our appliance repair experts can help with. We service a broad range of brands and provide replacement parts for a variety of components. Mr. Appliance of Idaho Falls will help you get your oven, stove top, or range fully functional again.

Electric, Glass Stovetop Replacement

If you are experiencing problems with your cooktop, there are a few components we may check and repair if one is the culprit.

We can repair:

  • Rust
  • Burns
  • Stains
  • Chips
  • Scratches

There are instances where you will need the whole stove top replaced, such as when you have experienced a serious crack or even shattering.

The Peace of Mind Comes from Regular Maintenance

One of the best things you can do for your home’s appliances is regular maintenance. For appliances that are subject to a lot of use - like your oven, stove top, or range - regular maintenance can be the key to keeping your stove functional without interruption for many years to come. Mr. Appliance of Idaho Falls offers maintenance appointments for your vital home appliances. Each of our experts is fully trained to ensure that your stove is in great condition. We’ll be able to help spot issues before they arise and save you from the headache and cost of repairs down the line.

Your Home’s Appliances Are in Good Hands

You can rely on Mr. Appliance of Idaho Falls to treat all of your home’s appliances with care and attention to detail. We are able to service any of your home’s appliances, from stoves and refrigerators to washers and dryers. Every one of our local Idaho Falls appliance repair experts have been rigorously trained and are fully qualified to make sure you receive the best appliance repair services available.

To schedule a maintenance or repair service for your oven, stove top, or rnage, please call us or contact us online using our online form.

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