Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach brings superior appliance repair, replacement, and maintenance services you can trust. We take pride in providing expert solutions for all your appliance needs, from refrigerator repairs to dishwasher services and everything in between. We also offer outdoor kitchen installations and other services that resonate with the vibrant lifestyle of Newport Beach. Our team of appliance repair professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your household appliances run smoothly with expertise you can trust. We offer upfront pricing and stand by our Neighborly Done Right Promise to ensure you’re satisfied with the appliance repair and replacement solutions we offer. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team today.

Laundry Appliance Services

Electric & Gas Dryer Services

Trust the appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach for complete electric and gas dryer services, including installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. We ensure your laundry appliances perform at their peak efficiency with both electric dryer repair and gas dryer repair. Our team’s expertise guides our reliable and efficient appliance repairs, whether you're experiencing odd noises, insufficient drying, or control malfunctions.

Washing Machine Services

We understand the crucial role your washing machine plays in the flow of household chores. Our appliance repair professionals diagnose and address a variety of washing machine issues, including drainage problems, electrical complications, spin cycle malfunctions, and more. At Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach, our dedication to efficiency extends to our replacement services, where we offer a selection of high-quality washing machines to suit your needs. We aim to guarantee your laundry experience remains hassle-free and efficient.

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Repairs

One of the most dangerous fire hazards hides in your dryer vent. All that hot air and accumulating lint pose a serious risk to your home. Thankfully, Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach is ready to help with our dryer vent cleaning and repair services. Vent cleanings not only reduce the risk of fire but also greatly improve the energy efficiency and performance of your dryer. Our appliance repair specialists conduct thorough inspections to identify any damage or obstructions keeping your dryer from running at its best.

For all your household appliance repair needs, reach out to Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach for an appointment.

Kitchen Appliance Services

Range, Stovetop, and Oven Services

The heart of your kitchen, your range, stovetop, and oven need repairs and maintenance you can rely on. Let our experts take the lead in diagnosing and fixing issues with our signature meticulous care. We provide the appliance repairs you need to solve many common issues, such as uneven burners, erratic oven temperatures, or malfunctioning electric coils, and get back to creating culinary genius. For all your range and stove top repairs and oven repairs, turn to Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach.

In addition to residential services, we also provide the highest-quality appliance repairs and services for commercial ovens. Our experts will keep your business running smoothly with minimal downtime for repairs. Trust our team for comprehensive and efficient commercial oven repair tailored to meet the demands of your professional kitchen environment.

Dishwasher Services

Dishwashers make cleanup after a cooking marathon much easier but also require expert care to keep up with the demands of the kitchen. The appliance repair specialists at Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach offer the services you need to keep your kitchen clean and running smoothly, from basic dishwasher repairs and maintenance to complete replacements of old units. We even offer a collection of trusted dishwasher model options from which you can choose your replacement.

Freezer Services

At Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach, we’re licensed to maintain, repair, and replace both commercial and residential freezers. We’re experts in handling the demands of both environments and understand how important it is to return your freezer to its optimal temperature as quickly as possible. Our appliance repair professionals address issues like fluctuating temperatures, broken compressors, cracked door seals, or leaks with thorough freezer repairs. In instances where a replacement is necessary, we offer a range of high-quality commercial and residential freezers to suit your specific needs, just ask!

Refrigerator Services

When it comes to keeping your food cool, we are your trusted partner for all your refrigerator repair, maintenance, and replacement services. We offer expert appliance repair services to solve a wide range of refrigerator issues, from temperature inconsistencies to faulty components. Regular maintenance is key to preventing breakdowns, and the team at Mr. Appliance at Huntington Beach provides thorough inspections and cleaning to keep your refrigerator running smoothly. We also provide reliable suggestions if a replacement is more in line with your needs.

Commercial refrigerator repair and replacements pose unique challenges to businesses that rely on them. Luckily, we also offer expert appliance repairs for our commercial customers! Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach knows how crucial it is to keep your perishables at the correct temperatures, so we aim to provide rapid solutions to your refrigerator issues.

Keep your kitchen running its best with our various kitchen-focused appliance repair services, including garbage disposal repairs, microwave oven services, trash compactor repairs, and more. Contact Mr. Appliance of Huntington today for all your kitchen service needs.

Outdoor Kitchen Services

The beautiful Newport Beach weather offers unique advantages for those interested in cooking al fresco. Our experts are here to help you transform your landscape with installation, maintenance, and repair services for outdoor kitchen appliances, including various grill models, side burners, outdoor ovens, ice makers, and much more. Whether you're gearing up for a weekend barbecue or planning an outdoor dinner party, our appliance repair team is committed to optimizing the performance of your outdoor kitchen appliances.

Call Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach

Our expert team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive appliance repairs, replacements, and installations to its community throughout Newport Beach. We specialize in the most common appliances in your home or business to keep your routines on track, ensuring seamless operations and minimal disruption to your day. However, we also offer services for your smaller appliances, like wine coolers and ice machines, to offer solutions for any appliance issue you may face. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities, and we’re proud to deliver exceptional services, upfront pricing, and reliable workmanship.

Get in touch with Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach today for all your appliance installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement needs.

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