Garbage Disposal Repair & Troubleshooting

Have you noticed your garbage disposal appears to be leaking, clogged, or not working? Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach is here to get your appliance back on track. We offer expert repair and troubleshooting to find the root of the problem, working to fix it as soon as possible. When you depend on us, you'll find a dedicated team of service professionals who are here and ready to jump into action. Say goodbye to nasty amounts of wet food clogged in your sink and get back to living in comfort when you call up Mr. Appliance today. We serve Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and the surrounding areas, driving to your location whenever you need us.

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Types of Garbage Disposals

  • Continuous Feed

Continuous feed disposals are triggered by a wall switch and run more quietly than other types.

  • Batch Feed

Batch feed disposals activate when the lid is engaged and covered. They take just a little longer to set up but are great for homes with small children or people who prefer extra safety.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Our service professionals at Mr. Appliance are experts at quickly identifying problems and providing fast and effective solutions. If you’re currently experiencing any of the following, give us a call today:

  • The garbage disposal is not working & has no power.

First, make sure there isn't a power issue by checking the fuse box or circuit breakers. If that is not what is causing the issue, find the reset button on the bottom of your system, it is typically small and red. If the reset button is popped out, your disposal is overheated. You can clear the jam and then try resetting it. However, if you have power and there is no sound, it's likely a worn-out motor.

  • Clogged garbage disposal.

High fiber foods, bones, avocado skin, eating utensils, and more can clog your garbage disposal. Do not ever put your hand in the drain to clear this jam. Use a socket wrench under the motor to rotate the masher plate and hopefully clear the jam. For professional help, Mr. Appliance is always here to answer your call!

  • A clogged drain

To fix a clog, turn off the power at the main disconnect, disassemble the trap, and clear the clog with a drain snake. Once reassembled, check if the clog has cleared by turning the water on. If this doesn't work, or you prefer to leave it to the professionals, call Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach! by turning the water on. If this doesn't work, or you prefer to leave it to the professionals, call Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach!

  • Extremely loud garbage disposal

Objects such as bones and eating utensils can cause excessive noise and jam up your garbage system. It's important to address the problem promptly because loose screws may cause water to flow into the motor and bearings.

  • One or more leaks.

Leaks are usually a sign of a loose sink flange or a rubber gasket that needs to be replaced. However, the disposal unit will need to be replaced if the leak is coming from the body of the disposal. The sooner you call our team, the better we can prevent major damage.

Brands We Commonly Service

  • InSinkErator (such as Badger 5)
  • Whirlaway
  • KitchenAid
  • Moen
  • Waste King
  • And Others

Part Replacement

We're available to replace individual parts for your compacting unit! You name it; we've got it. Some of our most replaced parts include:

  • Lids and baffles
  • Blades
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Flanges
  • Tubing
  • Lugs
  • Flyweights

Why Mr. Appliance?

Mr. Appliance’s superb appliance repair and preventative maintenance allow us to stand out from the rest! You can be assured as soon as we arrive, we’ll inspect the source of the issue and provide an upfront price of what you can expect cost-wise. We understand how stressful it can be to wait until after a service for a bill, which is why we like to be upfront about the price and procedure beforehand. When you depend on Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach, prepare to be amazed by our reliable and speedy service. A job performed by us is a job well done.

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