Range & Stovetop Repair and Service in the Huntington Beach Area

When your Huntington Beach home’s range or stovetop breaks down, preparing delicious meals is a hassle. Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach is your go-to for expert appliance repairs, allowing you to return to cooking delicious meals for your friends and family. If you are facing trouble with your appliance, our service professionals will schedule a range or stovetop repair appointment to find the source of the problem, as well as provide advice on any maintenance or replacement needs. We provide service to Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and the surrounding area. Enjoy cooking in the comfort of your home and say goodbye to inconvenience when you schedule with our experts.

If you are experiencing issues with your stovetop or range, give us a call or set up an appointment today!

Stovetops vs. Ranges

Knowing the type of system you have in your home and different standard terms makes clear communication of your appliance problems, like range repair, easier.

Stovetop or Cooktop - Referred to as both a “stovetop” or a “cooktop,” these appliances are standalone or refer to the area on top of an oven. They are flat surfaces with burners for placing pots on. Stovetops are often built into countertops and can be gas or electric-powered.

Ranges - This is an appliance composed of both an oven and a stovetop. Ranges usually run off of gas or electricity. Many homeowners prefer this system since it combines multiple cooking systems in one. Having grown increasingly popular throughout the years, most homes employ a range of appliances.

Stoves - The term “stove” was once used to refer to traditional wood or gas-powered appliances that were used to heat a home. Today, stoves are a term often used interchangeably with ranges, including both the oven and stovetop. The team at Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach is more likely to use the term “range” to differentiate from a stovetop, which is a separate appliance type.

Range & Stovetop Brands We Commonly Service:

  • Whirlpool
  • GE
  • Maytag
  • KitchenAid
  • Dacor
  • Thermador
  • Frigidaire
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • And More!

Range & Stovetop Repairs

Throughout our years of experience in the appliance industry, the Mr. Appliance of Huntington Beach team has witnessed various problems kitchen appliances run into. Our experiences have made range and stovetop repair solutions more manageable and quicker than ever. Give us a call when you need to get your unit running again; we will inspect your entire set-up for the source of the issue and get your appliance back to reliably functioning.

Common Gas & Electric Stovetop Repair Signs

  • Your stovetop is not turning on at all
  • The burners will not function
  • The burners heat slowly
  • A foul odor with a gas stovetop
  • You notice sparks when turning on your electric stovetop

Common Range Repair Signs

  • The stovetop is exhibiting any of the above signs
  • Your oven takes a long time to heat
  • The oven door will not latch
  • Food is burning quickly or is constantly undercooked
  • The system produces unusual noises
  • Screens or displays show errors

Are you experiencing any of these problems with your appliance? If so, call us today for stovetop and range repairs!

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