Dishwasher Services in Plano, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Opening up your dishwasher only to find an appliance full of water and bubbles will put a damper on anyone’s day! Luckily, Mr. Appliance of Plano is here to provide dishwasher repair services, helping your appliance get back up and running in no time. On top of dishwasher repair, we also provide dishwasher installation and maintenance and can replace any outdated or broken parts. Restore your unit's health by calling our appliance repair experts. We serve Prosper, McKinney, Allen, Plano, and the surrounding areas. 

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Dishwasher Repair & Install

At Mr. Appliance of Plano, we’ve seen it all in terms of dishwasher repair. We can thoroughly examine your appliance and provide a diagnosis, quickly followed by a solution. How will you know whether your dishwasher requires assistance? Our experts recommend keeping an eye out for the following signs:

  • There appears to be leaking, and you spot pools of water under the dishwasher.
  • Even after a rinse cycle, your dishes are still dirty.
  • Your dishwasher refuses to turn on.
  • There are strange noises coming from your appliance.
  • There is still soap and water inside the dishwasher after a cycle.
  • Your appliance smells of rotten food.

If any of these problems sound familiar, do not hesitate to reach out! Mr. Appliance has the knowledge and expertise to get your appliance back up and running.

Common Types of Dishwasher Repairs We Service

  • Faulty pumps
  • Bad door seals
  • Damaged drainage hoses
  • Poor circuitry
  • Damaged spray arm seals

Dishwasher Installation

On some occasions, purchasing an entirely new dishwasher will be the best decision for your home. Mr. Appliance is here to guide you throughout the dishwasher installation process, helping you find the perfect appliance. We will replace your new dishwasher and install your new unit precisely, guaranteeing a successful job. 

We offer warranties for our parts to ease your mind throughout the process.  Within 30 days of your appointment, if you are unhappy with your service, give us a call. We can either replace the unit or fix any previous problems, ensuring a job well done. Feel good about calling us for the job. Throughout the installation process, we will offer upfront prices and answer any questions you may have.

Dishwasher Maintenance

One of the best ways to avoid dishwasher repair is to schedule dishwasher maintenance! Yearly preventative maintenance can go a long way in preserving the health of your appliance. Mr. Appliance of Plano gives extensive check-ups, examining your system for any signs of wear and tear. 

Throughout the appointment, our team can provide repair and part replacements. After an appointment, you can rest assured knowing that your appliance is up-to-date and prepared to run efficiently in the months to come. To avoid inconvenient breakdowns and expensive repairs, contact Mr. Appliance of Plano for dishwasher maintenance today!

If you live in Plano, McKinney, Allen, Lucas, Fairview, or Prosper, contact Mr. Appliance of Plano today! You can reach our appliance repair experts at.

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