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Vinegar – Your Kitchen’s Best Friend

Vinegar is a well-loved ingredient in recipes ranging from salad dressings, to marinades to dessert ingredients. But did you know that vinegar is a stable for household chores as well? We uncovered so many life hacks for vinegar that we’ve decided it just might be your kitchen’s best friend.

You Can Use Vinegar to:

Remove Sticky Residues

Has holiday cooking left you with mysterious gooey left-behinds? Just spritz a little vinegar on that stubborn sticky mess and let it sit for 30 seconds. This ingredient will break down the residue and let you wipe it right off!

Banish Trash Can Odors

When there’s more people in your house for the holidays, your trash can is sure to fill up faster. Unfortunately, this may also mean some new-found reeking from your rubbish. Here’s a secret to send the smells to the curb: soak a piece of bread in vinegar and place it in the bottom of the empty trash can overnight. By morning, the smells will have vanished!

Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats

All that delicious Christmas cookie baking attracting hungry, flying pests? Did you know you can use apple cider vinegar to make a homemade and inexpensive fix? Put one cup of the ingredient in a glass, then cover with plastic wrap. Poke some holes, and voila! Gnats and fruit flies will be attracted and then trapped in the glass.

Get Rid of Static Cling

Vinegar has uses in other rooms as well, such as the laundry room, for example! Trying to air out that special holiday dress before a celebration? Rather than dryer sheets or expensive spray, pour one cup vinegar in with the washing machine load, and you can eliminate static cling before it starts. Plus, with the money you save, go ahead and buy those new shoes to match!

And that’s just the beginning of the list. Here’s two blogs we consulted for information, and you can research plenty of other uses for your kitchen’s (and other rooms’) best friend, vinegar!

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