The Most Popular Kitchen Gadget in Every State

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In a world where toast is just a button away and leftovers are reheated to perfection in minutes, kitchen appliances are the unsung heroes of cooking. We’re not sure what we would do without them. Seriously, how did Neanderthals know what button on their fire was best for popcorn? 

We all like to make the process of cooking easier with the help of some electric friends, whether you’re a trained chef or are just happy not to set the smoke detector off. To get the scoop on which gadgets people can’t live without, we set out to discover which small kitchen appliances Americans are searching for most on Amazon & Google. From espresso machines to electric kettles, here are the most popular kitchen gadgets in each state and nationwide!

The Top Searched Kitchen Gadgets in the U.S.

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Hungry for chicken wings? The air fryer is the most coveted kitchen gadget on Americans’ wishlists. The average number of monthly searches for air fryers on Amazon is a whopping 561,000, far surpassing any other gadget or small appliance on the list. The Ninja Air Fryer is the most searched brand of air fryer on Amazon, averaging 48,000 monthly searches.

Americans are going with the grain! Rice cookers made the top five even though they are only used to cook one type of food. Although, they can also be used to steam other foods. Rice cookers came in 5th with a monthly search volume (MSV) just shy of 200,000.

There’s always room for milk and sugar when these two are around. The coffee grinder and coffee maker are the 4th (205,000 MSV) and 9th (176,000 MSV) most popular small kitchen appliances, respectively. Americans love to make their own brews, especially using a Keurig. The Keurig Coffee Maker is the most searched brand of coffee maker on Amazon, averaging 181,000 monthly searches.

Let’s spill the tea. In 10th place with 153,000 average monthly searches is the electric kettle. This piping-hot gadget boils water in a hurry (in two to four minutes to be exact). The most popular brand of electric kettle on Amazon is COSORI, averaging 12,000 monthly searches.

The Top Searched Kitchen Gadget in Every State

Map of the U.S. that displays each state’s top searched kitchen gadget.

Air fryers and microwaves are the most searched kitchen appliances in six states each, the most of any other gadgets. The 2nd place appliance making waves, or rather smoothies, is the blender. It is the most searched in four states: California, Illinois, Maryland, and Texas. The Ninja Blender and the Magic Bullet Blender are the most popular brands on Amazon.

Keeping it cool this winter, residents in Alabama and South Dakota search for mini fridges more than any other kitchen appliance, while residents in Arizona and New Jersey are a little more specific about what they want to chill. Wine fridge is the most searched kitchen appliance in the two states.

Ice cream makers also got the attention of two states. The kitchen gadget is the most searched in Rhode Island and Utah. The DASH Ice Cream Maker is the most popular one on Amazon. It can churn ice cream on its own in as little as 30 minutes, perfect for next summer.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you're a seasoned chef or a curious foodie, understanding these kitchen gadget preferences state by state can inspire your cooking adventures and even introduce you to a new favorite kitchen companion. 

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We started with a list of 65+ kitchen gadgets and appliances most often added to Amazon wishlists. Using Ahrefs search data, we analyzed the monthly search volume (MSV) on Amazon of each kitchen gadget or kitchen small appliance to find the top-searched gadgets overall, for both general kitchen gadget terms and brand-specific kitchen gadget terms. Then, we ran each kitchen gadget through Google Trends to find the top-searched gadget in Google within each state over the past year (October 2022 - October 2023).