The Roof Is on Fire: Dryer Vents a Leading Cause of Home Fires

WACO, TX – According to the National Fire Protection Agency, each year over 16,000 home fires, resulting in over $230 million in damages, are caused by dirty dryer vents. According to recent studies, nearly 92 percent of all laundry room fires can be traced back to a failure in cleaning either the dryer appliance or its ventilation system.

“Dryer vent fires are usually caused by an electrical short sparking and igniting lint buildup inside of your dryer,” stated Mr. Appliance President, Doug Rogers. “This fire then spreads into the vent tubing going through the homes walls or under the home. By removing this lint build-up, it eliminates the flammable material that would ignite in the event of a short circuit.”

Mr. Appliance® offers these three tips for keeping dryer vents clean and clear of fire hazards:

  1. Everyone already knows to clean out the lint trap between each load. However, it is also imperative to clean the lint trap itself as well as along the edges of the trap.

  2. Remove the lint trap and clean the inside of the machine for the lint that got through the lint filter. Use a damp cloth to wipe around inside of the dryer and grab all of the escapee lint pieces.

  3. Clean the dryer vent tubing leading outside of the home annually. This service requires specialized equipment and professional services, but removes the threat of lint build-up inside the walls of the home.

As a final thought, Rogers commented that “the more people who know about the dangers of dirty dryer vents, the more impact we can have on stopping this rampant problem and save homes, and lives, from these fires.”

About Mr. Appliance®:

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