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Common Oven Problems & How to Avoid Them

With routine care and maintenance, you can generally expect a gas oven to last around 15 years and an electric oven to last about 13 years. Naturally, the more you use an oven, the faster it can run into problems, which is something to keep in mind.

Some of the issues that homeowners call us to repair with their ovens include:

  • The light won’t work even after replacing the bulb
  • The oven is producing erratic temperatures
  • The oven won’t turn on at all
  • The door won’t stay open or shut properly
  • The self-clean function isn’t working

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. But it does give an idea of things you can expect to see throughout the lifespan of your oven. Regularly cleaning the oven, including the drip pans and door seals, goes a long way in extending the lifespan of your appliance. It’s also a good idea to plug it into a surge protector and invest in warranty coverage for your range just in case.

Looking for an appliance repair company offering oven repair near you? Call Mr. Appliance of St. George for help!

Common Stovetop Problems & Prevention Measures

The issues you might find with stovetops vary depending on whether it’s gas or electric.

With gas stoves, common problems that occur include:

  • The flame continues to extinguish
  • The flame is lower than it should be for the setting
  • Smelling gas after using the stove to cook
  • A knob on the stove is loose
  • The burner makes continuous clicking noises
  • The flame is noisy or flickers
  • The flame turns yellow

To help keep your home safer with an electric stove, be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector in the kitchen, and routinely unclog burners so they’re in good condition. If greasy foods get onto the cooktop, be sure to clean it up right away, and schedule periodic inspections to ensure it’s working well.

With electric stoves, you might see problems such as:

  • The system won’t turn on or the coils won’t heat
  • You can’t adjust the temperature of the burners
  • Sparks emit from the cooktop when turning it on
  • The indicator lights or display screen won’t turn on
  • Blisters, bubbles, or cracks on the burners

Prevention measures are similar to gas stoves – keeping the top clean, paying attention to the warning signs, and only handling repairs that you feel comfortable with.

Our team is here to help keep things on track with residential range, oven & stove repair near you – give us a call!

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