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When an appliance stops working suddenly, consider calling Mr. Appliance of Sewell to repair it rather than calling it a lost cause, ripping it out, and tossing it in the dumpster. Why? It could be a minor issue causing major problems for you; that’s an easy fix for us. Call for a second opinion before dropping money on a brand-new appliance.

Average Lifespan of Appliances in Sewell

At Mr. Appliance of Sewell our appliance repair technicians have the training and the skills to quickly repair your downed appliance. Our appliance repair team is honest and will give options to work with. If you need appliance repair service in Sewell, call us today!

Entrust all of your residential appliance repair needs with Mr. Appliance of Sewell! Book your service by calling or by visiting our Contact Us page.

The Home Appliance Repair Service We Offer

There are almost no residential appliances we can’t fix! Our services include:

When you call our Sewell appliance repair experts, we’ll provide a thorough inspection before giving you a price for services – and what we quote really is what you pay – no hidden fees, ever.

If we believe it’s not worth repairing, we can provide you with new installation options that fit your schedule and budget.

Don’t let your trusty appliances cost you more than they need to – call or schedule a service online!

Professional Home Appliance Repairs in Sewell, NJ

It’s easier than you’d expect – forget scouring the internet for recommendations on new brands or being badgered by salespeople looking to bump their commission up. Instead, you can have that warm freezer looked at from the comfort of your home, by a professional who values giving new life to old appliances. We guarantee our services to your satisfaction and keep a flexible schedule for arranging services around your timeline.

Keep your favorite appliances – it’s easy to become attached to a dishwasher that scrubs absolutely anything and everything off your dishes every time. Once you’ve experienced having the best appliances, it can become stressful trying to find a replacement that can compare. With a personalized approach, we’ll assess the problem and use the highest quality tools and parts for repair services.

Carrying the expertise of a nationally backed company, we’re a locally owned and operated residential appliance repair franchise. We care about the members of the Sewell community because it’s our community, too!

You can trust us with speedy residential appliance repair near Sewell, Mantua Township! To book your service, call us or book your service online.

How to Maintain Your Appliances

Maintaining and taking care of your appliances is an effective way to help your cherished appliances run efficiently and smoothly. Here are a few easy tips that should help.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Cleaning the Condenser Coils

Cleaning your condenser coils is pretty straightforward and can help your fridge run efficiently. An efficiently running fridge can result in lower energy bills and can help extend your fridge's lifespan.

Follow these easy steps:

  • First - unplug your fridge.
  • Next - locate the condenser coils; they're located either behind your fridge or underneath your fridge. Some tools might be needed to remove an access panel.
  • Finally - simply use a coil cleaning brush or vacuum to clean the dust and debris that have collected around the coils.

You should clean your coils every 6 months or so. If you have pets that shed you might need to clean them a little more frequently.

Dryer Maintenance Tips

Cleaning the Lint Trap

Clean your lint trap after each load. Doing so will help your dryer run efficiently and avoid overheating!

Scheduling Dryer Vent Inspections

You should have your dryer vent checked and cleaned every 3 to 12 months, depending on how often you use your dryer. It's so easy for lint to clog your dryer vent which can become a serious fire hazard.

You can trust us for your appliance repair needs! Give us a call to book a repair service. Or you can schedule your appointment online.

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