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The modern household heavily relies on household appliances to perform critical tasks. These appliances fill our lives with many benefits and conveniences.

However, when appliances break down, stress can surmount as everyday chores pile up. For example:Infographic-mr-appliance

  • A defective dishwasher can leave your sink filled with dirty dishes.
  • malfunctioning laundry machine can cause dirty hampers to overflow.
  • A faulty refrigerator can spoil your perishable foods quickly.
  • broken oven igniter or latch can force you to order expensive take-out every night.

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If you have a residential appliance that needs repair, the courteous, highly trained, and well-equipped home appliance specialists at Mr. Appliance of Charlotte and S. Sarasota Counties are your solution for quality results.

Across the country, homeowners trust us to deliver:

Is It Worth it to Repair My Residential Appliance in Port Charlotte?

In general, if repairing a broken or malfunctioning appliance costs less than 50 percent of the cost of replacing it, then you should go with the repair. Therefore, if repairs cost more than 50 percent of the cost of a replacement, then you should purchase a new appliance.

The following are common reasons why you must obtain our residential appliance repair in Port Charlotte:

  • Our appliance repair technicians can restore your appliance to working and efficient order
  • Appliance repair can extend the lifespan of your appliance
  • Since broken appliances pose safety risks, such as fire outbreaks and emitting carbon monoxide, our technicians can ensure you and your family are safe after making the necessary repairs
  • Appliance repair can even help you save money on your monthly energy bills

Fixing Kitchen & Laundry Room Appliances Is Our Specialty

When it comes to kitchen repairs, we can fix pretty much everything – overheating refrigerators, unlit pilot lights, malfunctioning toasters, etc.

Give us a call for:

  • Refrigerator Repair  We have the experience to fix any issue you might be experiencing. From built-in refrigerators to French door refrigerators, we can repair and service numerous brands, makes, and models!

Give us a call at or schedule service online for refrigerator repair near you!

  • Exhaust Fan Repair – If the hood/exhaust fan on your oven isn’t working, we can troubleshoot the issue. Usually, there’s a mechanical issue with the motor. Whatever the case, we will get to the bottom of the problem.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair – We have the knowledge, parts, and experience to repair jammed garbage disposals and clogged kitchen sinks.
  • Microwave Repair – Microwaves can run into electrical issues – suddenly shorting, zapping, or losing heat. Let us inspect your microwave today!
  • Wine Cooler Repair – We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to inspect your wine cooler and make sure it is maintaining a consistent temperature.
  • Trash Compactor Repair – When a trash compactor overfills, the entire unit can get stuck. Fortunately, we have the skillset and tools to rectify the situation without damaging your property.

Our laundry room repair services are equally comprehensive. We service both washing machines and dryers. You can count on us for:

  • Washer Repair – Over time, washing machines endure natural wear and tear. When issues arise, we’re ready to help. Our technicians can repair and replace defective switches, timers, plungers, drive belts, solenoids, and more!
  • Dryer Repair – A malfunctioning dryer is both an inconvenience and a fire hazard. Our technicians can make sure your dryer vents aren’t clogged and have your dryer running smoothly and safely again in no time!

Give us a call at  or schedule service online from a handyman near you!

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