Fridge Repair in Plymouth

How long has it been since you last looked in your fridge? As your most frequently used household appliance, the refrigerator experiences the most issues. If when you last peered past its doors you discovered the surprise of spoiled food, warm temperatures, or a leak, you'll need a fridge repair in Plymouth–and you'll need it fast. One call to your Plymouth appliance repair specialist will see the issue resolved promptly and can help prevent future issues from occurring.

Mr. Appliance of Plymouth is dedicated to resolving your most pressing appliance issues, but we also offer maintenance services to ensure they don't keep coming back. In terms of what we can do for your appliance during your refrigerator repair in Plymouth, across all of our services, we take a thorough approach to troubleshooting and fixing your machines. Always arriving on time, in uniform, and ready to get to work, you can expect a truly professional experience with our valued team.

When ready to schedule your fridge repair in Plymouth, our friendly customer service team is ready to take your call. For information on how we approach the service, read on for more.

How We Handle Fridge Repair in Plymouth

When you first get in touch with our customer care team, you'll be assisted with scheduling your service appointment. When on the phone, feel free to ask any questions about our breadth of repair or maintenance services to ensure you never face another appliance failure again. In many cases, we can accommodate you with a same-day service appointment for your faulty fridge, and once we've arrived at a time and date that fits your schedule, you can expect our team of service professionals to arrive promptly.

The first part of every appliance service begins with a thorough inspection of your unit. After listening to your experience, we'll get to work and troubleshoot the issue to find out what's been going on. Because a lack of cool air, leaks, or strange noises can occur for a range of reasons, our appliance repair professionals must be well-trained and highly skilled to identify the correct root cause. Thankfully, our techs have undergone extensive training and possess ample experience in the appliance repair industry.

Our Refrigerator Repair Services

Some of the most common repairs we perform are related to:

  • Compressor trouble: The compressor in your fridge is what circulates the refrigerant through the cooling system. It may be sluggish due to a too-full fridge or a too-empty fridge, but could also be malfunctioning due to old age or too much/too little refrigerant.
  • Evaporator issues: Evaporator coils can become clogged if they are not regularly cleaned. If your compressor is having trouble, it's often the fault of the evaporator. We'll troubleshoot the entire cooling system to find out what's the cause behind your fridge's lack of cool air.
  • Condenser problems: Located on the back of your fridge, condenser coils often become covered with dust and pet hair. They need to be cleaned to allow heat to be released from your fridge. If they remain dirty, excess heat can't escape and your fridge will be warmer than it should be as the compressor will struggle to operate.
  • Dirty or broken fan motor: Dirty parts are one of the most common issues we deal with during a refrigerator repair in Plymouth, MA. Since the cooling system in your unit relies on a fan to cool it down, if the fan isn't working optimally, the system won't work as efficiently.
  • Faulty thermostat: Your fridge relies on a thermostat to signal when it needs to turn on the compressor to generate more cool air. If the thermostat is acting up, it could signal the fridge to run continuously or not at all.
  • Broken gaskets: Refrigerator doors have gaskets that keep them shut with a vacuum-like seal. When a gasket is compromised, the door will not be able to create a tight seal and may release cool air.
  • Water leaks: If your fridge has a built-in water dispenser and it's leaking, there's a chance the water supply line is damaged. If it doesn't have a water dispenser or ice maker, the leak could be coming from the discharge line.

Types of Refrigerators We Repair

Refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes, but more or less, the issues they face are the same. That's why we're equipped to tackle a wide range of refrigerator types and the numerous issues they encounter. See the complete list below for the types of fridges we can service.

  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • French door refrigerators
  • Smart refrigerators
  • Top freezer refrigerators
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators
  • Mini refrigerators
  • And more!

Brands of Refrigerators We Service

Our appliance repair experts are skilled in servicing all major appliance brands. From big names such as Samsung and LG to lesser-known brands of appliances, aiming for complete customer satisfaction means being equipped for whatever you throw at us. See the list below for a few of the most popular major brands we repair.

  • Bosch
  • Frigidaire
  • GE
  • Kenmore
  • KitchenAid
  • LG
  • Maytag
  • Samsung
  • Sub-Zero
  • Whirlpool
  • And more!

Mr. Appliance: The Preferred Choice for Refrigerator Repair in Plymouth, MA

When you need reliable appliance repair for your refrigerator, leaving the job to an inexperienced appliance repair company is never a good idea. When you choose Mr. Appliance of Plymouth, you're getting an entire team of dedicated, background-checked professionals and services backed by a national labor and parts guarantee.

Handling all of your common refrigerator issues and then some, we take pride in providing top-tier service to locals in search of expert repairs. With our same-day appliance repair service, we aim to deliver a better kind of experience that keeps your machines running flawlessly year-round. On top of our dedicated approach, we also think you'll love our:

  • Upfront, flat-rate pricing. There will never be any surprise costs or hidden fees on your final bill. The price we quote you before your service begins is exactly what you'll pay when it's complete.
  • Convenient appointment times. Who has time to wait around for an appliance repairman to arrive? We know your time is valuable and offer fast, convenient appointment times that work with your life.
  • Comprehensive services. We have quality repair and maintenance services for all major appliances in your kitchen and laundry room including washing machine repair, dryer repair, and dishwasher repair. As a homeowner, you can rest assured knowing that it only takes one call to get them repaired and maintained year-round.
  • Outstanding customer reviews and ratings. Check out the local testimonials left by homeowners like you! We take pride in the projects we perform in Plymouth and it shows in the feedback we receive from our happy customers.
  • Professional appliance repair technicians. You don't just want anyone performing a repair in your home. Our trusted team is highly qualified and will always treat your home, time, and family with respect.
  • Our locally owned and operated company. As local homeowners ourselves, we want to help homes operate efficiently and to the best of their ability. We care about our community and the people in it.
  • Our warranty on workmanship and parts. When the work that's performed on your property is backed by a warranty, you just feel better about it. At Mr. Appliance, we aim to deliver total peace of mind to our customers, and that means giving you complete confidence when hiring us.

Would you like to learn more about the services we provide, our team, and our core values? We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with one of our friendly customer service representatives today.

FAQs About Fridge Repair in Plymouth, MA

What are the Signs I Need a Refrigerator Repair in Plymouth?

Often, when you need refrigerator repair in Plymouth, you'll know it. There are obvious signs your fridge isn't working like a total lack of cool air. With that said, sometimes, your fridge is subtler in sending you signals that it needs repair and many of them are just the start of issues that will continue to worsen and lead to total appliance failure. Before you let it get that far, keep an eye out for the following signs and give us a call when you see, smell, hear, or feel them.

  • Bad odors. If your fridge isn't producing enough cool air, the food inside of it will likely spoil way before it should. That chicken you thought was good until Friday? It won't make it through Tuesday night. When you smell foul odors coming from your fridge and there are no old leftovers to blame, it's usually a sign that your fridge isn't working correctly.
  • Loud noises. Your fridge will hum throughout the day but it should never clunk, bang, make loud whirring noises, or have excessive vibration. If you hear your fridge deviate from its usual melody and volume, it could be a sign that one of the parts is struggling. If a part struggles to perform, it puts stress on your entire appliance, turning one small issue into one that's much larger.
  • Water leaks. Seeing water on your kitchen floor is never a good sign. It can pose a safety threat to your household and may even lead to water damage, wood rot, and mold. But getting to the source of a water leak can be tricky. Be on the lookout for water pooling around the base of your fridge or condensation forming on the outside of the unit.
  • Warm temperatures. This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your fridge needs to be fixed, but it can go unnoticed especially if you haven't done your weekly grocery shopping yet. Every so often, stick your hand inside your refrigerator if it does not have a digital display. There is a clear difference between a fridge that's properly working and one that does not generate cool air.

Should I Repair or Replace My Refrigerator?

The decision of whether to repair or replace your refrigerator depends on several factors. After you call for appliance repair service and your fridge is inspected, your service professional will make a recommendation based on the age of your unit, its condition, and the severity of the issue.

In many cases, all that's needed to get your fridge back into excellent shape is a quick repair. Though this may still be true with older units, typically, we suggest a complete replacement if your unit is approaching the 10-year mark. Residential refrigerators last, on average, 14 years, but if your unit is experiencing recurring issues, it's more cost-effective to get a replacement.

Should I Seek Maintenance For My Fridge?

Tired of frustrating appliance failures? Most appliance manufacturers say that their machines will begin to experience issues within the first 5 years of use. If you neglect to get your appliances serviced, these small issues will turn into larger ones and your fridge may not last as long as it could.

Scheduling annual appliance maintenance will catch small issues when they emerge and will ensure part replacements are made promptly. Servicing appointments also include cleaning your machines and ensuring electrical wires, gas lines, water lines, and dryer vents are all connected correctly. These kinds of tune-ups will prevent run-ins with simple issues that cause frustration and could potentially put your home and family at risk.

Call Mr. Appliance For Fridge Repair in Plymouth to Keep Your Routines Running Smoothly

Refrigerator issues come in all types and severities. At Mr. Appliance of Plymouth, we make sure to address both simple and complicated repairs and aim to be the one-call solution to all of your refrigerator woes. From basic issues such as ripped door gaskets to more complicated problems such as electronic control board malfunctions, you can trust our team to restore balance to your kitchen and keep your fridge running efficiently.

Looking for refrigerator repair near me? Stop searching the Yellow Pages and give us a call! At Mr. Appliance of Plymouth, we're proud to offer our professional services to locals in Duxbury, Rochester, Manomet, and beyond. Contact us today to get started on your refrigerator repair in Plymouth, MA!

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