You toss dirty clothing in, it gets washed, and you take it out. A washing machine is a simple home appliance that makes your life much easier – and one you’d sorely miss if it was gone. But when issues with your machine occur, it can feel like you’re transported back to the 19th century when you’re forced to wash your dirty laundry by hand. Or worse, you leave it to pile up as you rifle through your closet for clean shirts. Of course, that doesn’t have to be the case. That’s why Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City is here to tackle laundry issues. Simply call our local experts for a quick and painless washer repair in OKC!

We’re the Oklahoma City appliance repair specialists needed to get your machine back up and running quickly. With us, there’s no need to contemplate how you’re going to fit a washboard into your bathtub, let alone where to find one. At first sight of an error code or appliance malfunction, give us a call. We offer convenient appointment times and respond quickly to our customer’s needs. With a team of experienced and reliable repair technicians, we efficiently handle a wide range of appliance repairs on top of washer repairs in OKC. Give us a call today to get started!

Learn More About Our Services For Washer Repair in OKC

With a great variety of different brands of washers and types of models, you’re probably looking for a company that services them all. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City hasn’t met a broken washing machine we can’t repair—unless it’s in such bad condition, we replace it instead!

Whether you’re having issues closing your unit or are confused about what an error code means, we can help. Calling an appliance repair expert will bring you peace of mind, knowing that your washer is repaired correctly. Choosing our services also means you know the job is backed by our Done Right Promise® and is performed using expert knowledge, quality workmanship, and top-tier parts.

So, what exactly can we help you with? Quality repairs for all of your major appliances, including your ice machine, built-in oven, clothes dryer, garbage disposal, and more. As for your washer repair in Oklahoma City, you can expect the following issues we’re able to handle:

Common Washing Machine Problems We Can Help With

While clothes coming out dirty or soapy may be due to user error, several problems with washing machines signify it's time to seek repair options from a skilled technician. Regardless of how minimal they seem, these must get proper attention to prevent further problems for your washing machine.

Leaks. If your washing machine is leaking, there’s a good chance it has a damaged external drain hose. When a washing machine is pushed too close to a wall, the hose can become loose or damaged, which will cause the water to leak. Other causes of leaks include damaged drain pumps and water inlet valves. These are less common but can still become damaged from wear and tear. Leaks can come in various volumes, from small drips to large puddles. No matter how small of a leak you notice, it's important to get in contact with an appliance specialist right away. Doing so can prevent the damage from worsening and allow even more water to escape. The more water that leaks, the more your home is put at risk of mold and water damage. 

Lack of heat. Many of us don't use hot water in our washing machines anymore to help save energy and its associated costs; however, sometimes using hot water is key to removing ground-in stains. Homeowners will rarely notice a lack of hot water in their washing machine as they don't interact with it, but it isn't uncommon for an appliance technician to take notice of this fact during regular servicing appointments. Common issues that lead to a lack of hot water in washing machines include broken thermostats and burned-out heating elements. While a thermostat will measure the temperature of the water, the heating element will heat it. If either of these parts isn't working correctly, the unit will not receive hot water.

No drum movement. Washing machines need to agitate clothing to wash it effectively and spin it to get rid of excess water. When the drum in your washing machine doesn’t move, it may mean that it’s imbalanced or that the motor brush has worn out. Other issues include clogged drain pumps that don’t allow water to exit the machine fast enough for it to spin.

The machine won’t fill up. When you turn on your washing machine and it won’t fill with water, there could be several problems at play. A lack of water could be a sign that there is an issue with the water inlet valve or drainage hose. A machine that won’t fill with water may also be a sign that the electrical circuit breaker has been tripped or that the water supply line isn’t turned on. These are both simple issues that can be resolved rather quickly.

The machine won’t drain. A total lack of drainage is a symptom of a clog or a control board malfunction. Other common issues include damaged drain pumps and faulty lid switches. During your washer repair in Oklahoma City, we’ll test out the lid and check the hose for blockages to ensure the unit will signal the washer to drain and that when it does, the water has somewhere to go.

The washer is loud and bounces around. This is one of the most common issues homeowners face with their washing machines, and it is often the result of the washer being set on an uneven surface. Whether the tile under your machine wasn’t laid correctly or the concrete in your garage isn’t smooth, ensuring your washer is completely level may help eliminate the loud banging and bouncing noises it makes throughout its cycles. If your washing machine is level, the issue could be the result of loose screws and bolts. Just one screw that isn’t tight can throw off your washer, but turning over the washing machine and tightening screws isn’t a job that all can complete. Don’t worry, just leave it to our qualified team!

Getting to the bottom of why your unit isn’t working optimally can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. That’s the beauty of hiring an experienced professional. The Mr. Appliance team is highly skilled in all things appliances, helping you to diagnose issues quickly and resolve them promptly.

With appliance service on your schedule, upfront prices, guaranteed parts and workmanship, and a team of appliance repair technicians by your side, there’s no wonder why Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City has become the go-to choice for solving appliance problems of all kinds beyond the laundry room! Schedule a service today!

Types of Washing Machine Brands We Repair

Regardless of your clothes washer’s problems, getting a professional to perform a full inspection is always a good idea. A professional inspection of your washing machine and asking an expert to lay out all your options for repair can help you limit the risk of water damage from a broken-down washing machine or even home damage or electrical shock from a DIY repair.

Our Oklahoma City appliance techs have extensive experience and training under their belts, allowing them to work on washers from major brands, including:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • GE
  • Kenmore
  • And More!

At Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City, we aim to meet all of your needs when it comes to washer repair. Oklahoma City residents such as yourself don’t need to look further for a qualified team to help troubleshoot and resolve appliance issues. We’re also the team you can trust for expert advice and maintenance tips to help prevent major issues from occurring. On top of our prompt repair service, we also offer annual maintenance for all of your kitchen and laundry appliances. Call us today to ensure your laundry stays clean and your daily routines keep running smoothly!

Why Is Mr. Appliance The Top Choice For Washer Repair in OKC?

When it comes to your treasured appliances, why settle for less than the best? Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City focuses on client satisfaction and employs a team of highly experienced service technicians with extensive skills and training. We'll provide an accurate diagnosis of your issue and repair your washing machine and other favored major appliances. What’s more, we know how to do it quickly so you can get back to your daily routine.

Don’t take a chance by guessing what’s wrong yourself; calling an appliance repair professional will mean the correct issue is identified and solved the first time in an efficient time frame. Properly identifying issues is key in the realm of washer repair. Oklahoma City residents can avoid future problems and large expenses by relying on our professional services.

When it’s time to have your washer repaired, reach out to Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City for help! We’re committed to taking the time to understand your problems with your washer and develop a solution that’ll save you from wasting time and money on an unnecessary replacement.

Appliance owners turn to Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City because we’re:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • An appliance repair company with decades of experience
  • Professional, always on time, and treat your home and appliances with respect
  • Able to replace a variety of appliance parts, from belts and hoses to pumps and timers
  • Dedicated to ensuring a job well done and backing our high-quality services with a workmanship guarantee

To find out more about our wide range of services, appliance repair experts, and core values, take a look at our customer reviews and ratings or get in touch with our valued customer service team today!

Want To Learn More About Our Services For Washer Repair in Oklahoma City? Check Out These FAQs:

It’s common to have questions about washer repair. Oklahoma City residents want to know as much as they can before scheduling service, and that’s understandable. If so, one call to our knowledgeable customer service team can help, but be sure to check out the list of frequently asked questions we’ve compiled below to help clear things up in the meantime.

What Are The Signs I Need Washer Repair in OKC?

Most times, when you need a washer repair in Oklahoma City, you'll know it. Many of the signs of a broken appliance will prevent you from using your machine completely. However, in some cases, your washing machine will signal that it needs attention before it officially breaks down. Catching these signs early and calling for professional service will help you avoid larger issues and possibly even early appliance failure. 

Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair in OKC Include:

  • Water trapped in the bottom of the drum
  • Bad smell coming from the washer’s drum
  • Leaking from underneath the washer
  • Squeaks, clanks, and other loud noises
  • Poor spinning or no agitation
  • The lid gets stuck or refuses to open
  • Power problems
  • Consistent poor cleaning
  • Anything unexpected occurs

From weird smells and loud noises to leaks and a lack of movement, when it comes to catching washer issues promptly, it's important to use your senses. If you do notice any of the above, call your Oklahoma City appliance repair specialist right away. We can often accommodate same-day service to ensure minimal disruption to your everyday routines.

Should I Get Washing Machine Repair in OKC or a Replacement?

It depends on what’s wrong with it. The only way to know for sure whether you should repair or replace your washing machine is to get it inspected by service professionals. Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City knows precisely how to diagnose any issue your washing machine is experiencing and will ensure we identify the correct problem so that we can make the right suggestion. 

To make a suggestion that's right for your home and needs, we’ll also need to find out how old it is. You can get up to about 15 years of use from your machine, but around the 10-year mark, you may notice you’re calling us more often for washing machine repair. Oklahoma City residents may need to think about replacing their appliance at this point, and if repairs cost 50% of what a new machine would, we recommend that you replace it. During your appliance repair service, we’ll be more than happy to help you make an informed decision about the best choice to make.

What is the Typical Lifespan of a Washer?

Washing machines typically have an average lifespan of approximately twelve years. Unlike some other household appliances, washers tend to have a shorter lifespan due to their frequent use (and also their frequent misuse and neglected maintenance), especially in large households with numerous family members or in apartment complexes.

The longevity of a washing machine hinges on various factors, including the quality of maintenance it has received over the years. Regular maintenance and check-ups, along with prompt servicing and the replacement of faulty components, play a critical role in extending its operational life. It's crucial to prioritize routine maintenance and washing machine repairs to maximize the longevity of your appliance.

If your washing machine is approaching its twelfth year of service, it may be prudent to consider either getting it repaired or opting for a replacement and professional washer installation to ensure continued reliable performance.

Does a Washing Machine Need to be Serviced?

All appliances can do with regular servicing. We recommend getting all of your appliances serviced annually. However, there are some things you can do in between our visits that will help prolong the life and condition of your washing machine. Number one? Clean the lint filter. The same goes for your dryer. Other things you can do to ensure your machine stays in great shape for longer include:

  • Space and Leveling: Maintain at least four inches of space between your washing machine and the wall for proper ventilation. Also, ensure your machine is on a level surface to prevent vibrations during operation.
  • Detergent Measurement: Measure detergent accurately to avoid overuse, consulting the packaging or your machine's manual for dosing instructions.
  • Use the recommended detergent: Always use the detergent that is recommended for your specific machine and follow the dosage guidelines. Using an excessive amount of detergent can lead to residue buildup and put undue strain on the appliance.
  • Load Management: Avoid overloading the washing machine, as it can place excessive stress on the motor and other vital components. Ensure that clothes are evenly distributed inside the drum to maintain balance during the wash cycle.
  • Lid Open Between Loads: Leave the machine's lid open after each cycle to reduce moisture buildup and odors inside the drum.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Regularly clean the washing machine's drum, detergent dispenser, and other components to prevent the accumulation of lint, debris, and residue over time.
  • Check and clean the filters: Some washing machines are equipped with filters that require periodic cleaning. Consult your user manual to locate and clean these filters as needed to ensure optimal performance.
  • Promptly address issues: If you observe unusual noises, leaks, or any performance problems with your washing machine, do not delay in seeking professional technician assistance. Timely inspection and repair can prevent further damage and extend the lifespan of your appliance.

What is the Most Common Issue That Calls for Washer Repair in OKC?

We bet you can guess the number one cause that leads to the need for washer repair in Oklahoma City. Yep, it’s overloading your washing machine. Though it seems innocent enough, it’s frequently done and results in the unit’s inability to agitate the contents or spin them. As you can imagine, this can lead to a total breakdown of your machine. Other common appliance issues include broken lid switches, faulty drain hoses, malfunctioning drain pumps, and broken belt drives. Whatever has caused their machines to require washer repair, Oklahoma City can depend on their reliable service provider to resolve it.

What Other Services Are Available?

Our reputation in the appliance repair industry is built on providing an extensive array of services to address various appliance issues. Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City can help with a variety of appliance repair services, including oven repair, stove repair, ice machine repair, refrigerator repair, dryer repair, freezer repair, and dishwasher repair for all brands of appliances.

We also extend our expertise to smaller appliances, providing solutions for microwaves, ice makers, garbage disposals, and more. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discover our full range of services and inquire about any current special offers.

Time to Schedule Your Washer Repair in OKC? Call Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City Today!

Looking for "experienced washing machine repair near me"? You've come to the right place. Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City is the preferred choice for quality repairs and service warranties. When choosing our qualified team, you'll love that we work with a wide range of appliance brands and offer a comprehensive selection of repair and maintenance services.

Having a washing machine in your household is a great thing and can be a wonderful convenience – until it’s not. Whether your home’s washer is refusing to power on, not spinning correctly, or has simply taken a dive in energy efficiency and cleaning ability, give Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City a call today!

From part replacements and repairs to a simple overdue maintenance task, we’ll quickly locate the cause of your washing problems and deliver a solution that will extend the lifespan of your washer. Proudly serving OKC Metro and the surrounding areas, including Edmond, Moore, and Norman, Mr. Appliance of Oklahoma City responds quickly to service calls with our team of experienced technicians.

Call our team today to schedule or learn more about our residential washer repair in OKC. Are you a business owner? If so, ask us about commercial oven repairs, washing machine repairs, and more!

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