Refrigerator Repair Fairfax, VA

From root cellars to iceboxes, we've spent centuries looking for the perfect way to keep food fresh and cold for longer—and in that regard, the modern refrigerator is pretty close to perfection. Gone are the days when we had to have dairy delivered to our door or visit the grocery store every single day to avoid perishable food waste. But because we tend to take our refrigerators for granted, it can be really frustrating when they experience a malfunction and need expert refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA. 

Whether your produce is wilting way too quickly or there's a puddle of water slowly inching its way out from under your fridge, the Fairfax appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliance of Northern Virginia can help. We have the experience and skill to restore your refrigerator to perfect working order so you can get back to the daily routines of your household without worrying about what's going to go wrong next.

How We Handle Refrigerator Repair in Fairfax, VA

Refrigerators are built to function in more or less the same fashion as an air conditioner, just on a smaller scale. They cycle refrigerant through compressor and evaporator coils to remove thermal energy from inside your fridge and expel it outside the refrigerator, which makes the inside colder. That's the reverse of the natural process of heat transfer, in which thermal energy always tries to move from a warm place to a colder place. Like air conditioners, refrigerators are complex machines—and as such, they can experience a lot of the same types of problems as your AC when they have suffered damage or deterioration and need refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA.

Refrigerators are built to last, but they can't keep going forever without the occasional refrigerator repair in Northern Virginia. You can turn to our reliable appliance repair professionals for help when they notice signs that something isn't quite right. When you call us, you can count on us to show up on time for your scheduled appointment, in uniform and ready to get to work. We'll start by assessing the condition of your appliance so we can come up with the right repair procedure for refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA. We'll then clearly explain our recommendations to you and offer an honest, upfront estimate for the necessary work. With your go-ahead, we'll get started on the repair and work efficiently without cutting corners so we can ensure long-lasting results that meet or exceed your expectations.

Types of Refrigerators Our Experienced Team Can Repair

There are a variety of different types of refrigerators that you and your family can own. When we carry out refrigerator repair solutions, we commonly see everything from top freezers to bottom freezers, side-by-side and French-door refrigerators. No matter the type of refrigerator that you have, we have the skills and experience necessary to do repairs.

There are going to be different common issues that come up when it comes to the specific type of refrigerators. We know the different variations to expect and the commonalities between certain refrigerator types and repair needs. Knowing this, we can tackle each repair job with high precision and act quickly. The types of refrigerators we repair include:

  • Top freezer refrigerators
  • Bottom freezer refrigerators
  • French door refrigerators
  • Side-by-side refrigerators
  • Compact refrigerators
  • Freezerless refrigerators
  • Counter-depth or built-in refrigerators

Choose Mr. Appliance for Refrigerator Repair in Fairfax, VA

You need a reliable appliance repair company to call on when you require a refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA. We are your local Northern Virginia home appliance repair experts who can help you when you are in need. We work with high levels of integrity and dependability and want to respond to your call quickly and get on-site to start the work needed to repair the refrigerator as soon as possible.

But we don't just limit ourselves to refrigerator repair in Northern Virginia! You can rely on our qualified professionals for a wide range of major appliance repairs, from kitchen to laundry appliances. Our appliance repair services include oven and stove repair, freezer repair, ice maker repair, washing machine repair, dryer repair and more.

Mr. Appliance of Northern Virginia does have special offers from time to time. It all starts with an appointment, so call on our expert appliance repair technicians, schedule service, and start your repair job before it is too late!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fridge Service Repair Near Me

Do you have questions about refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA? Give our friendly customer service staff a call, and they'll be happy to get all your questions answered quickly and easily. You can also check out the FAQ section below to find our replies to a few of the questions we're commonly asked.

What Are the Signs I Need Refrigerator Repair in Fairfax, VA?

Problems with refrigerators often start out small and slowly worsen over time as the condition deteriorates, which means it can sometimes be more difficult than you might think to identify when you really need refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA. Here are a few signs to look out for:

Rapid Food Spoilage: If you've noticed that you're buying fresh produce and dairy that's perfectly fine when you get it home but seems to spoil in your fridge much faster than it used to, that's a big indication that you may need a refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA. But first, take a look at the temperature setting. It should be around 37 degrees Fahrenheit for the refrigerator and zero degrees for the freezer. If the settings are correct, the issue could be with a malfunctioning thermostat or blocked air vents.

Strange Sounds: It's totally normal for your fridge to make a quiet humming noise when the motor is on, along with the occasional click or the clunk of the ice maker, but unusual, disruptive noises are signs that something's not right. In many cases, our Fairfax appliance repair experts find that a faulty compressor is causing the issue, but it could also potentially be caused by a clogged, dirty condenser fan.

Door Won't Seal Shut: It's critically important that the door to your fridge completely seals all the way around the opening because if it doesn't, it will let cold air leak out, and the unit won't be able to keep your food cold enough to stay fresh. If the seal strip looks twisted, torn or is missing a chunk, or the door swings open on its own, that's a big problem that is seriously affecting the refrigerator's performance and energy efficiency. In this case, the best way to deal with it is to have your local Mr. Appliance professional replace the seal strip completely.

Motor Runs Constantly: Your refrigerator motor is designed to react to signals from the unit's thermostat that tell it when to turn off or on to keep the interior at the right temperature. But if the motor never seems to turn off even when you haven't opened the door recently, or it turns on and off in a rapid cycle, it's definitely time for refrigerator repair in Northern Virginia. You should know that rapid cycling or constant operation is actually a serious issue because it will cause the motor to suffer rapid deterioration from accelerated wear and tear damage, and it'll need to be replaced before long.

Water Leaking From Unit: If you notice a puddle of ice-cold water slowly seeping out from under your fridge, that's a pretty clear indication that you need to call for refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA. This issue is typically caused by an iced-over or clogged defrost drain that needs to be cleaned or possibly replaced, but it could also be caused by other problems like a damaged water line connection.

Freezer Quickly Ices Over: Freezers have to be defrosted occasionally to get rid of the normal buildup of frost, but defrosting should only be necessary once or twice a year. If it's iced over just a few months or weeks after the last defrost, that is a big warning sign that you need refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA. You may be experiencing this issue because the freezer door isn't sealing correctly, but it may also be potentially caused by a malfunctioning defrost cycle or because the temperature is set too low.

Back of Unit is Hot to the Touch: When you touch the back of your fridge, it will feel warm, but it shouldn't be hot to the touch. If it seems a lot warmer than it typically is, the problem is likely being caused by a damaged or faulty compressor. The compressor is a critical component of a refrigerator that enables the cooling cycle, so if your fridge is radiating excessive heat at the back, it's necessary to call for professional refrigerator repair right away before the appliance has a total breakdown.

Ice Maker Doesn't Make Ice: If your unit isn't producing any ice, it's not doing its one job, and there's clearly something wrong. It may be happening due to a jammed raking mechanism or a frozen-over inlet tube. Your local residential appliance expert at Mr. Appliance of Northern Virginia will be able to figure out what's causing the problem and get your fridge's ice maker working correctly again so you can enjoy the convenience of fresh ice that's available whenever you need it.

Should I Repair or Replace My Refrigerator?

We put a high level of reliance on our household appliances. Are there any signs you can be on the lookout for when it comes to needing a refrigerator repair? When your refrigerator does not function as you need, a repair call could be in order, and Mr. Appliance® of Northern Virginia is the team to call.

There are many things to consider when weighing the factors in the repair cost for your broken appliance versus buying a new one. What is the age of the refrigerator that you have now? Is it still under warranty? Does it even match the style of your kitchen? Does the current refrigerator meet your needs in size, features, etc?

The cost factor is also a big one, as you want to determine if it is worth repairing the refrigerator or replacing the unit. As we walk you through what is necessary for the repair, we can also help you with advice on the best cost-effective solution on whether an entire replacement is necessary for the long term.

Which Brands Do You Service With Refrigerator Repair in Fairfax, VA?

There are a lot of different manufacturers around the world who are creating different kinds of refrigerators. With so many options, knowing a reliable service provider who can carry out unique refrigerator repair solutions to those brands of appliances is critical to ensure your appliance operates efficiently.

You want to have high confidence when you call on a refrigerator repair team, which is precisely what you get when you call on the team at Mr. Appliance of Northern Virginia. We can work through the brand type and common issues with those brands, have access to the necessary parts, and more to do the repair timely.

The brands we service with refrigerator repair include: 

  • GE
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sears
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore
  • Maytag
  • Subzero
  • Perlick
  • Dacor
  • Liebherr

Need Refrigerator Repair in Fairfax, VA? Call the Professionals at Mr. Appliance of Northern Virginia!

When your fridge malfunctions and you need refrigerator repair in Fairfax, VA, or a nearby area such as Falls Church, Reston, or Fairfax Station, pick up the phone and call the experienced, dependable team of appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliance of Northern Virginia. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment time that's convenient for you or to learn more about the appliance repair services we offer to local residents and business owners.

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