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Make a service appointment. If your dryer isn't working properly, you might save money on energy and guarantee that your laundry days go smoothly. Experts at Mr. Appliance of Northern Colorado can examine your device to identify potential causes of failure, such as insufficient ventilation or wear on vital components from regular use. We'll find the source of the problem and implement the appropriate fixes.

Contact our professional Loveland dryer repair specialists immediately away to avoid minor problems from becoming major ones.

How Does a Dryer Work?

This is how it works: warm air is pumped into the tumbler or drum of the dryer. The dryer tumbler spins to circulate and remove moisture from the warm air. The damp air is subsequently vented outside your Loveland house via a machine. This method speeds up the drying of clothes.

Types of Dryers

  • Electric – Electric dryers are often less expensive than their gas counterparts. They are also easier to install and minimal exhaust requirements are needed.
  • Gas – While a gas or propane dryer may initially cost more than an electric dryer, their greater cost-effectiveness results in longer-term savings. But it's vital to remember that this energy-saving choice requires specific venting.

Our Loveland dryer repair professionals can perform any necessary servicing to get the appliance back up and running, whether you have a gas or electric system. Whether you require dryer repair or routine dryer maintenance, our team has the expertise to complete each task promptly and accurately.

What Causes a Dryer to Stop Working?

Dryers, like any other home appliance, can break down in a number of ways. Poor installation or maintenance practices are commonly to blame for dryer problems. Problems may arise if dryer vents become clogged. Furthermore, belts and fuses can burn out or deteriorate over time, causing issues, and dryer motors typically become less efficient over time. Fortunately, our Loveland dryer repair technicians are knowledgeable and ready to help.

Common Dryer Problems

  • Dryer Not Heating - This can be caused by a number of different issues, such as a damaged heating element or coil, a blown fuse, a malfunctioning temperature switch, or a faulty thermostat.
  • Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry - This could be the result of a clogged vent, incorrect settings, or overloaded capacity.
  • Dryer Not Tumbling - A broken belt, a damaged motor, worn drum rollers or bearings, or a damaged idler pulley are a few possible causes of your dryer not tumbling.
  • Dryer Making Loud Noise - Your dryer may be making a loud noise if the drum is loose, the motor, the blower wheel, the drive belt, or any combination of these issues is at fault. Damage to the axles, bearings, or drum rollers could be to blame.
  • Dryer Becomes Overheated - There may be a number of reasons why the temperature of your computer is rising, such as damaged heating coils, blocked vents, and broken thermostats. Because an atmosphere that is too hot could be deadly, you must act straight away.

With so many potential causes behind these various problems, it’s best to consult with our team of Loveland dryer repair experts who are trained in diagnosing such problems.

The Important of Dryer Maintenance

Mr. Appliance's dryer maintenance professionals in Loveland can help you save money on energy while also keeping your dryer safe. By delivering professional gas or electric dryer services to keep your appliances in good functioning order, our skilled specialists can help you avoid unanticipated malfunctions.

Book with us online today to schedule an appointment for dryer repair in Loveland!

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