Troubleshooting Guide for Dryer Squeaking

Laundry inside an open dryer
Laundry day can come with a lot of annoyances, but a squeaky dryer shouldn’t be one. A few common issues that cause dryer squeaking include unlubricated bearings or roller wheels, a failing drive belt, and a motor problem. These simple descriptions below can help you identify which parts of your dryer need to be repaired.

Without the guidance of an experienced technician, fixing these issues yourself can prove to be complex. If grabbing your work gloves, screwdrivers, and putty knife doesn't sound appealing, your local Mr. Appliance is a reliable source for eliminating your squeaky dryer problem wiht expert dryer repair services.

Is a Squeakey Dryer Dangerous?

While a squeaky dryer doesn’t pose an immediate danger, it should raise a red flag. That bothersome squeaking sound is a sign that one or more of your dryer’s parts are malfunctioning. Be careful not to dismiss this as a simple machine malfunction. If the problem is related to insufficient lubrication to the roller wheels or bearing, the friction between these parts can create a fire hazard.

6 Common Causes for a Squeaking Dryer

It can be difficult to enjoy warm, fresh-from-the-dryer clothing when you’ve had to tolerate an hour’s worth of dryer squealing sounds to get it. Rather than endure the headache of a screaming appliance, check out some possible causes for why your dryer is noisy.

1. Rear Drum Bearing or Roller Wheels Need Lubrication

If the squeaking is coming from the back of the unit, then the rear drum bearing or roller wheels may be the cause. These pieces keep your dryer’s pulley system functioning correctly.

The rear drum bearing ensures that the dryer’s pulley system can turn, while the roller wheels support the drum as it rotates. If either of these parts need to be oiled, you may hear a high-pitched sound coming from your dryer during laundry time.

2. Drive Belt is Broken

If the squeak is coming from the top of the unit, the drive belt may be loose or worn out. The belt is a slender, long strap that’s responsible for turning the drum. This part is affordable to buy, so you may attempt to replace it yourself.

3. Motor is Failing

If the dryer is squeaking is coming from the bottom of the unit, then the likely cause is the dryer motor. This is the worst-case scenario because replacement dryer motors can be expensive — in fact, it may be more economical to simply get a new dryer, depending on the severity of the issue.

Because this problem is a serious one, you’ll want to make sure that a failing motor is really the issue before deciding to replace your entire unit.

4. Idler Pulley Needs to be Replaced

When you hear squeaking coming from the front of your dryer unit, it may be time to replace your idler pulley. You will want to replace this part quickly, as it’s responsible for helping the dryer belt rotate the drum. Without this replacement, the drum of the dryer will eventually stop turning altogether.

5. Roller Shafts are Worn

Roller shafts support the dryer drum as it rotates. When these are damaged, you may hear a squeaking or thumping noise. Their average lifespan is anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Luckily, replacing roller shafts is not an extravagant expense that warrants buying a new dryer.

6. Drum Glide Bearing is Damaged

The drum glide bearing is responsible for making sure the dryer turns smoothly. When this part wears out, you may hear either a scraping or squeaking noise.

Had Enough of Your Dryer Making Squeaking Noise?

Dryers aren’t meant to be noisy, so if yours is, it’s time to get its parts checked out. You don’t have to put up with your dryer squeaking.! When you need a helping hand to fight against your dryer making loud noises, Mr. Appliance will be your reliable resource for expert dryer repairs.

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