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From the tree-lined streets and spacious yards to easy access to entertainment, dining and shopping amenities, Brookfield is a great place to live where residents have everything they need available to them—including reliable appliance repair in Brookfield, WI. If you are struggling with an appliance that just isn't working as it should, pick up the phone and call the Brookfield appliance repair experts at Mr. Appliance.

Looking for experienced appliance repair in Brookfield, WI? Welcome to Mr. Appliance of Milwaukee. We’re pleased to serve our neighbors in Brookfield and the surrounding areas. We have the expertise to fix all major appliances made by standard and high-end brands.

Need speedy, expert service? Call us today or schedule your service online. We’ll be over quickly to take care of your favorite appliance.

Our Trusted Brookfield Appliance Repair Services

With over 30 years of appliance repair experience, we can fix a wide range of major brands and models of appliances, regardless of the issue. Whether your Sub-Zero fridge’s vacuum condenser light is on or your Samsung dryer isn’t heating up, we can help.

Just some of the appliances and issues we can fix include:

  • Your refrigerator isn't cooling
  • Your water dispenser isn’t dispensing water
  • Your ice maker is leaking
  • Your washing machine won’t drain
  • Your washing machine won’t spin
  • Your dryer is on but isn’t tumbling
  • Your dryer isn’t heating up
  • Your dishwasher isn’t dispensing soap
  • Your dishwasher isn’t draining water
  • Your oven won’t preheat
  • Your oven isn’t reaching the desired temperature
  • Your stove burners won’t ignite
  • Your electric stove burners won’t heat

This is just a short list of common appliance repair issues we can repair. Regardless of which appliance is broken and what issue you’re experiencing, call us for speedy, expert service.

We rely on our appliances day in and day out, whether we're at home or at work, and it can be very frustrating when we realize something is wrong and it's necessary to call for appliance repair in Brookfield, WI. Don't panic—the team of experts at Mr. Appliance of Milwaukee is here to help. As a locally owned and operated business, our service professionals are proud to support the homeowners and business owners of Brookfield and other nearby areas such as New Berlin, Elm Grove, Menomonee Falls and Whitefish Bay with outstanding quality of workmanship combined with customer service that goes above and beyond.

If you're currently struggling with an appliance that doesn't work properly or doesn't work at all, or you have some questions about our Brookfield appliance repair services, give us a call! Our knowledgeable customer care staff is waiting to answer your questions. You can also find more information about some of our most popular services below.

Refrigerator Repair in Brookfield, WI

Groceries aren't cheap, so when you spend the money necessary to fill your refrigerator with fresh food, you certainly don't want to find that it has wilted and spoiled just a few short days after you bought it. Before you blame the store for selling out-of-date products, consider that your fridge may be the real culprit. If it has a broken thermostat or a loose door seal, among other potential problems, it may not be capable of keeping the interior at the correct temperature, causing premature food spoilage.

Of course, that’s just one potential sign of a fridge that is in desperate need of refrigerator repair in Brookfield, WI. Other common fridge repair problems that mean it's necessary to call for Brookfield appliance repair services include:

  • Disruptive or unusual noises
  • Leaking water from underneath
  • Back of refrigerator is hot to the touch
  • Motor is always on or stops and starts often
  • Freezer ices over very quickly
  • Ice maker isn’t producing ice

Washing Machine Repair

No one wants to waste time and money at the laundromat, waiting hours for their laundry to get clean, especially when they have a washer at home that could be doing the job if only it worked properly. Here are the most common washing machine issues that indicate you need to call your local washer repair professionals for experienced appliance repair in Brookfield, WI:

  • Washer doesn’t turn on
  • Drum doesn’t fill with water
  • Water doesn't drain properly
  • Excessive vibration, causing the appliance to shift position
  • Unusual noises like banging, thumping or squeaking
  • Wash drum isn't spinning
  • Error messages on digital screens
  • Machine stops and starts frequently during a cycle

Brookfield Dryer Repair

If you've seen some indications that your dryer is struggling or it's not able to function as well as it used to, you may be wondering if you should call for appliance repair in Brookfield, WI. If you are aware of the typical warning signs that it's time for dryer repair, you can call a local Brookfield appliance repair professional to take care of the problem sooner rather than later and prevent a major problem that would seriously inconvenience your family and disrupt your daily routines. Here are a few of the common dryer repair issues we can solve:

  • No Heat: This issue could be caused by a faulty dryer fuse or thermostat or potentially a burned-out heating element. While those are the most likely scenarios, it could also be a problem with the temperature switch.
  • Dryer is Overheating: This is usually a sign that the dryer's vent pipe or hose is clogged with lint and needs to be cleaned out so the appliance can function safely and efficiently again. It may also be an issue with a malfunctioning thermostat or faulty heating coils.
  • Tumbler Doesn't Turn: If you can hear the dryer's motor running but it's not tumbling your laundry around, a broken belt is probably the cause of the problem. But it could also be a malfunctioning or broken roller or idler pulley or roller, or something is wrong with the motor itself.
  • Excessive Vibration or Loud Noises: Usually, when a dryer is making loud banging or thumping noises or vibrating more than usual, it's a sign that it's not balanced properly. You may be able to get it back to normal by adjusting the legs a bit. If that doesn't work, it's time to call for appliance repair in Brookfield, WI.

To schedule your Brookfield appliance repair service, choose a day and time online. Or call our courteous team.

What to Expect When You Call Us for Appliance Repair in Brookfield, WI

When you call Mr. Appliance of Milwaukee or send a service request online, you can expect a quick response from a friendly customer service professional. We'll get you booked for a service appointment at a time that is convenient for your household, and we'll show up on time, in uniform and ready to get to work solving your problem with the right strategy for appliance repair in Brookfield, WI.

We’re backed by hundreds of positive reviews and ratings from homeowners in the greater Milwaukee area, and we’ll send you a picture of your Brookfield appliance repair professional before the service. Rest assured that we can fix most issues on the same day as your first visit. Our team members undergo an extensive screening process with an employee background check and are committed to courtesy and professionalism at all times. We’ve got you covered with a top-notch appliance repair experience!

We Offer Upfront, Flat-Rate Pricing

As people like you, we don’t like unpleasant surprises. Especially when they involve paying more for a service than what was communicated, to combat this, our Brookfield appliance repair techs offer flat-rate, upfront pricing. This means you’ll know how much your repair costs before we perform the repair. The rates won’t change, even if the work takes us a little bit longer than we anticipated.

Your Appliance Repair is Backed by Our Neighborly Done Right Promise

With our expertise, we’re confident in our ability to fix your appliance the first time. But for your peace of mind, we back our appliance repairs with an iron-clad warranty.

Per our Neighborly Done Right Promise:

  • Your home appliance repair is backed with a one-year parts and labor warranty.
  • Your commercial appliance repair is backed with a 30-day parts and labor promise.

If something wasn’t done right, just let us know within the promised time periods, and we'll make it right.

Searching for Appliance Repair in Brookfield, WI? Look No Further Than Mr. Appliance of Milwaukee!

If you need reliable, experienced Brookfield appliance repair services, you've come to the right place! Mr. Appliance of Milwaukee is your local provider of home appliance repair near me. Give us a call today to find out more about why we're Brookfield’s number-one choice for expert services or to schedule a service appointment for appliance repair in Brookfield, WI.

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