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Is your Viking appliance in need of expert repair? Look no further than Mr. Appliance of Milwaukee to ease your worries. Our highly-rated technicians deliver swift, dependable service for all your Viking appliances. Whether it's a freestanding range that won't ignite or a built-in fridge that isn't cold, we can help.

We've worked with Viking appliances for years. We understand all the nuances of these high-end appliances and use quality parts for all our repairs. We also focus on your satisfaction and peace of mind. You can expect prompt, on-time arrivals, honest pricing, and a one-year warranty with us. Trust us to keep your beloved Viking appliances running smoothly.

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Common Viking Appliance Issues We Can Fix

Viking appliances are known for their reliability and performance. But even the most iron-clad appliances can experience issues over time. We specialize in resolving common problems associated with Viking appliances.

Here are some frequently encountered issues and how we can help:

Viking Refrigerator Temperature Fluctuations

Fluctuating temperatures in your Viking refrigerator can lead to food spoilage. We can diagnose the issue, whether it's a faulty thermostat, a damaged seal, or dirty coils, and restore consistent cooling.

Viking Oven Not Heating Properly

When your Viking oven doesn't heat evenly or reach the desired temperature, it can affect your cooking. Our team can identify the cause, whether a malfunctioning heating element or a faulty thermostat and make precise repairs.

Viking Range Burner Issues

If a Viking range burner isn't lighting or heating correctly, it can disrupt your cooking routine. We'll assess the burner, igniter, or gas valve to ensure precise flame control and reliable performance.

Viking Oven Isn't Baking Evenly

Uneven baking or cooking can result in undercooked or overcooked dishes, causing frustration in the kitchen. A malfunctioning heating element, temperature sensor, or thermostat may cause the issue. Either way, we'll diagnose and fix the problem.

Viking Oven Won't Self Clean

A Viking oven that won't self-clean can lead to a dirty and unhygienic cooking environment. Before you look for a replacement, call us for service. We will check the self-cleaning mechanism, door lock, control board, and thermal fuse.

Viking Microwave Not Heating

A Viking microwave that isn't heating food can be frustrating. Our technicians can inspect and repair the magnetron, capacitor, or diode. We'll ensure your microwave is back to heating meals quickly.

Viking Dishwasher Leaks

Leaks can damage your kitchen and affect the dishwasher's efficiency. Our experts can pinpoint the source of the leak, which could be a worn-out gasket, a clogged drain, or a damaged pump, and provide effective solutions.

We have the experience to diagnose and resolve these common Viking appliance problems. If you don't see your Viking appliance or issue listed here, call us. You can count on us for speedy, expert service.

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