Professional Dryer Repair Services in Melbourne, FL

We Repair Dryers in Melbourne

We rely on clothes dryers to completely dry our clothes and pull them out fresh and warm. When the dryer isn’t working well, trust Mr. Appliance of Melbourne FL, for repair services in Melbourne, FL. We can help you whether your dryer isn’t turning on or it isn’t operating correctly. If you’ve noticed any problems with your dryer, reach out to us. Our repair specialists always arrive on time and take care of your appliance needs. We understand it’s challenging when an appliance won’t work correctly, so count on us for prompt and efficient dryer repairs. Contact our team for a free estimate on dryer repair services.

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Gas & Electric Dryer Repair

Our dryer professionals offer electric and gas dryer repairs. All dryers have a tumbler that circulates heated air while eliminating moisture. The humid air is pushed through the venting system to the outside vent. We understand the multiple components of your dryer and can help determine what is causing your issues. The two main types of dryers we repair include the following:

Electric Dryers – An electric dryer is easy to install and plugs into your wall. Electric dryers use steam venting for easy exhaust requirements. 

Gas Dryers – A gas dryer operates on propane or natural gas. Gas dryers are energy-efficient and require specialized venting.

Does My Dryer Need Repairs?

Mr. Appliance of Melbourne FL is here for all your dryer issues. Contact our appliance professionals if you notice any of the following dryer problems:

  • Dryer not heating – You may have a damaged fused, temperature switch, heating coil, or thermostat if your dryer spins but does not get hot.
  • Dryer too hot – If your dryer is scalding hot, it could have a clogged vent, damaged thermostat, or bad idler pulleys.
  • Dryer won’t turn on – Dryers that will not turn on may have a broken start switch, damaged terminal block, or a bad thermostat.
  • Drum won’t spin – A dryer drum that will not spin is commonly caused by a damaged belt, roller, motor, or idler pulley.
  • Control panel not responding – When your control panel does not respond or light up, it might have a problem with the control board.

 We Serve All Dryer Brands 

Mr. Appliance of Melbourne FL can service all makes and models of dryers. The most common dryer brands we service include: 

  • Maytag
  • LG
  • GE
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore
  • Samsung 

Common Dryer Replacement Parts 

The components of your dryer work together to ensure your clothes are hot and dry. Some of the most common dryer replacement parts we install include the following:

  • Motors
  • Fuses
  • Switches
  • Heating Coils
  • Thermostats 
  • Switches
  • Timers 
  • Belts 
  • Rollers 
  • Idler pulleys 
  • Temperature switches 

Trust Mr. Appliance of Melbourne FL

Mr. Appliance of Melbourne FL is extensively trained to repair and service all of your appliances. We perform dryer services on every type of dryer. We provide extensive industry knowledge to quickly identify the problem and offer an effective solution. We always back our work with a guarantee that the job will get done. When you need comprehensive appliance services in Melbourne, we are your trusted local appliance professionals.

Schedule Dryer Repair Services Today 

We recommend our excellent dryer maintenance services to ensure you stay ahead of any problems with your dryer in the future. Our appliance professionals will clean out your dryer vent to help reduce the risk of fire and check your appliance for any issues. Our professionals always offer upfront pricing without any surprises. We’ll come to your home for a free in-home estimate on our dryer repair services. We are here for you when anything goes wrong with your gas or electric dryer. Contact us today to schedule dryer repair services or get a free estimate. 


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