Refrigerator Not Cold Enough in Melbourne, FL

Why Your Refrigerator Is Not Getting Cold Enough

When your refrigerator isn’t getting cold enough, you can trust our team of service professionals to keep your food safe. We understand the risk of groceries spoiling, so we work quickly and efficiently. Mr. Appliance of Melbourne, FL offers refrigerator repair services when your fridge isn’t cooling correctly in Melbourne, FL. According to the FDA, the ideal temperature for your refrigerator is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, and your freezer is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is set correctly, but you are still experiencing issues like food going bad or unsteady cooling, our appliance repair experts are ready to assist. Our technicians will facilitate the diagnosis of your refrigerator’s malfunction and guide you through the repair process.

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Issues to Check Before Contacting Appliance Professionals

It isn’t always a sign of damage if your fridge is struggling to retain its cold temperature. Our service professionals are proficient in identifying common causes and will advise you on remedial measures before engaging us for repair services. You aren’t alone if your lukewarm refrigerator has a simple fix. Before reaching out to us, we suggest you check the following:

Ensure the refrigerator is plugged in

It is common for individuals to assume their refrigerator is faulty without verifying that it is receiving power. Always make sure your fridge is connected to an outlet.

Check the thermostat

Locate your fridge’s thermostat, and confirm it’s set at the correct temperature. Typically, a side-by-side refrigerator’s thermostat is located at the back, and for over-under models, the thermostats are usually underneath the fridge.

Investigate the door closure

Look at your fridge’s doors and gaskets, the soft elastic bands around your door’s perimeters. Does the refrigerator light switch on and off when you close the door? If the doors aren’t closing or sealing properly, warmth or dampness can seep into your refrigerator.

Ensure proper circulation of cold air in your fridge

If packages of food are blocking the vents and restricting airflow, cold air won’t circulate within your fridge. We advise you to arrange your fridge to allow free movement of air and maintain its coolness.

Refrigerator Components That May Influence Temperature

The cause of a refrigerator not cooling is not always evident. Various malfunctioning aspects can inhibit your refrigerator’s coldness. Some of the most common flawed components that could lead to food spoilage in your refrigerator and freezer include:


If your freezer fan is operational, but your fridge isn’t cooling, your compressor may have a problem. Your compressor is responsible for compressing and propelling refrigerant vapor into your fridge’s coils.

Condenser coils

Should your condenser coils get blocked, it might lead to inadequate air circulation. This can compromise your refrigerator’s cooling capability.

Condenser fan

If the condenser fan doesn’t function, it could lead to overheating of the compressor and an elevation in your fridge’s temperature.

Evaporator fan

A malfunctioning evaporator fan will impede your fridge’s cool air production.

Air damper

If your air damper fails to open or close, your fridge might become warmer or colder, regardless of whether your freezer maintains the right temperature.

What Happens When Every Other Solution Fails

If your refrigerator is not cooling as it should and you lack appliance repair expertise, consult our team at Mr. Appliance of Melbourne, FL. Repairing your refrigerator personally can be complicated and perilous, so it’s vital for a highly skilled professional to undertake the repairs or replacements. If refrigerator or freezer repairs are the most cost-effective solution, our expert team will quickly and efficiently fix your system. If the issues with your fridge are beyond repair, we can evaluate your refrigerator for a potential replacement. It may be time to replace your refrigerator due to age or wear and tear, and our technicians will be upfront and honest in advising you on this decision.

Contact Mr. Appliance of Melbourne, FL

Mr. Appliance of Melbourne, FL is here for all your appliance needs. We are your go-to for all appliance repair needs, from dryers and washers to ovens and ranges. If you’ve eliminated the common reasons for your refrigerator or freezer’s insufficient coldness and are still experiencing problems, professional intervention may be required. Contact us today to discuss your refrigerator’s issues and arrange for professional refrigerator or freezer repair services at your residence.

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