Wine Coolers Repair Service in Melbourne, FL

Wine Coolers Repair Services

A wine cooler keeps your wine at the perfect temperature during storage. Your wine should be set at a serving temperature between 45 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining a healthy humidity level of 50 to 70 percent. When your wine cooler isn't working correctly, you can count on us to provide a chilled glass of wine. Mr. Appliance of Melbourne, FL provides trusted wine cooler repair services in Melbourne, FL. Our swift and proficient wine fridge maintenance will astonish you. Our uniformed experts can diagnose and repair your wine cooler issues. Contact us today to schedule appliance services.

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Serving Various Wine Refrigerators

Our team has the skills and knowledge to maintain any wine cooler model. We understand the most effective ways to repair all types of wine coolers, no matter how complicated. The most common types of wine coolers are repair include:

  • Single Zone
  • Dual Zone
  • Built-In
  • Compressor-Based
  • Thermoelectric

Common Wine Cooler Problems

When unforeseen problems arise with your wine cooler, our team’s adept technicians are equipped to handle them all. Some of the most recurrent problems that necessitate our wine cooler maintenance services include:

Failure to function

If your wine cooler fails to power up, our service professionals will inspect for blown fuses, tripped circuit breakers, and disconnected power cords. Once we determine the issue, we’ll offer an estimate for a wine cooler repair.

No cooling

If your wine cooler is powered up but fails to cool, there could be potential problems with your thermostat, condenser, compressor, or evaporator fan motor.


Open wine cooler doors sometimes cause the compressor to leak. Most leaks, however, are caused by a damaged or disconnected drain hose.

Weird noises

An unbalanced wine cooler can cause loud vibrations. Our service professionals can level your unit. If you hear a grinding or squeaking noise, the motor could be faulty, and it may need repair or replacement.

Door not shutting

If the shelves are misplaced or the gasket is worn out, the wine cooler door may fail to shut.

Advantages of Using Our Wine Cooler Repair Service

It's an inconvenience when your wine cooler isn't working correctly. You can count on us to repair it quickly. Some of the many benefits of our professional wine cooler repair services include:

Skilled Professionals

Our wine cooler repair team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals with a profound understanding of wine cooler systems.

Prompt Service

Aware of the significance of a functioning wine cooler, our professionals work hard to provide swift and efficient fixes, limiting any possible downtime.

Economical Alternative

Repairing your wine cooler could be a more budget-friendly decision than buying a new one. Our service is focused on providing cost-effective responses to prolong the life of your wine cooler.

Wine Quality Preservation

A defective wine cooler may cause unstable temperatures, adversely affecting your wine's quality. Our repair service assures your wine cooler sustains the perfect temperature to retain the wine's taste and aroma.

Easy and Stress-free

Choosing our wine cooler repair service saves you the trouble of shopping for a new cooler. Our professionals will take care of the repairs, leaving you to relish your collection without any disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wine Coolers

Mr. Appliance of Melbourne, FL is always here to answer your questions about wine cooler services. Below, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about wine cooler repairs.

What is the perfect wine cooler temperature?

Your white wine selections should be stored between 45- and 50-degrees Fahrenheit. Red wine selections should be between 50- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit. When storing more than one type of wine, we recommend setting the temperature to about 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long should my wine cooler last?

Most wine coolers last between 10 and 15 years. With proper wine cooler maintenance, your full-size wine cooler should last longer than a small one. The small ones may last between four and eight years.

Can you repair my wine cooler?

Most wine coolers can be repaired. We assess your wine cooler problem and consider the age of your wine cooler. Our team provides the most cost-effective wine cooler services to prolong the lifespan of your system.

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