Trusted Residential Microwave Oven Repair Services

Almost any homeowner can make meals in a matter of minutes thanks to the modern convenience of microwave ovens. Microwaves are commonplace today, but they rely on advanced technology to provide you access to easy meals anytime you want. By producing microwave radiation inside the unit, your microwave vibrates the water molecules inside your food, creating an instant source of heat. However, if any part of your microwave breaks, this complex process can be disrupted. The Lexington, Kentucky community turns to Mr. Appliance of Lexington for their microwave oven repair service needs. Learn more about our residential microwave oven repair services.

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We Can Repair Any Type of Microwave Oven

From simple standalone units to state-of-the-art built-in microwaves, our technicians have experience working with them all. No matter what type of microwave you have, you can trust our uniformed professionals to provide world-class repair services. Some of the types of microwave ovens we repair include:

  • Countertop – These freestanding units are the most convenient and common because of their portability and ease of setup.
  • Drawer style – These sliding microwave ovens are usually located below the counter. Their height makes them easily accessible.
  • Over-the-range – Usually located above your oven and stove, this type of microwave saves space by combining it with your range’s hood.
  • Built-in – Microwaves that are built into your kitchen’s cabinetry are beautiful and stylish but repairing them can require the help of trained specialists.

Microwave Repairs for All Major Brands

If you’re loyal to a home appliance brand, don’t worry. We work on all brands of microwave ovens. While we know that each brand, make, and model requires a unique understanding, we have worked with every major microwave brand. So, you can trust us to understand your unit already. Some of the brands we routinely perform microwave oven repair services on include:

  • GE
  • Sharp
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • KitchenAid
  • Samsung
  • Bosch

The Top Reasons to Get Microwave Oven Repairs

Your microwave can act up in many ways. Some of those issues are more worrisome than others, but it’s hard to know which to pay attention to unless you’re a qualified professional. Take a moment to see if your problem needs professional microwave oven repairs. Some of the most common issues with microwaves include:

  • Microwave won’t work – A surge of electricity or slamming the door can cause your microwave’s fuse to blow. This will prevent it from working. However, you should make sure that your microwave is plugged in and the door is entirely closed first.
  • Sparks inside the microwave – Arcing occurs when a piece of metal, like a fork, is put into the microwave. It can also happen if your microwave has a defective stirrer or if a high-voltage diode shorts out.
  • Microwave won’t heat – If you have a defective magnetron, capacitor, or diode, your microwave may run but not heat your food. We can help you replace any of those parts.
  • Control panel problems – When your control panel becomes damaged, it may only work occasionally or not work at all. You will most likely need to replace your control panel in these cases.

Why Has My Microwave Stopped Working?

A blown fuse is the first thing we look for when a microwave isn’t working. This is the most common culprit. If the fuse is still intact, we check several other potential causes, including faulty door switches and damaged control boards. Mr. Appliance of Lexington will find the source of the problem and provide you with a quote for the microwave oven repair costs ahead of time.

What If a Fuse in My Microwave Is Blown?

Checking your microwave for a blown fuse might sound like a simple DIY microwave oven repair service, but it’s not as straightforward as it might seem. Your microwave actually has several different fuses. There is usually a fuse for the door, a thermal fuse, and a voltage fuse. A microwave that won’t turn on is one of the most common signs that a fuse has blown. However, many other issues can arise depending on which fuse has blown.

How Do I Reset My Microwave?

While most microwaves do not have a button for performing a hard reset, there are a few ways that you can reset your microwave if it has frozen or if you have been confused by changed settings. If you notice an “off/reset/cancel” button, holding it until you hear a beep will often perform a soft reset. This will clear any existing tasks or timers. If you need to perform a hard reset to your microwave’s factory settings, this can usually be accomplished by unplugging it for 20 to 30 minutes.

Repairing and Replacing Your Microwave’s Parts

When part of your microwave breaks, you have to wonder whether you should repair or replace it. While we take pride in our ability to fix almost any microwave, it often involves replacing specific damaged or faulty components. When we inspect your unit, we’ll give you an honest microwave oven repair or replacement recommendation. Some of the parts we might need to replace include:

  • Lights
  • Fuses
  • Diodes
  • Switches
  • Capacitors
  • Fan motors
  • Stirrer belts
  • Magnetrons
  • Tray motors
  • Drive bushings

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Just like you rely on your microwave to make cooking easier, we want you to rely on us to make microwave oven repair services as convenient as possible. We respect your time, so we always show up to appointments on schedule and get the job done right the first time. On top of that, we put the power of scheduling your appointment at your fingertips. Request your microwave oven repair service appointment online now!

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