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If you have a dishwasher, you rely on it to clean your dishes every time you cook. When it suddenly and unexpectedly breaks down, the dishes, pots, and pans can begin to pile up quickly. Don’t put off repairs or resort to doing dishes by hand. Mr. Appliance of Lexington offers reliable dishwasher repair service in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Whether it’s completely out of commission or just not working as well as it should, our highly trained technicians are always available to help you diagnose and repair the issue. Learn more about our residential dishwasher repair services.

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The Top Reasons Dishwashers Need Repairs

It is not always clear when you need dishwasher repairs. Sometimes your dishwasher will show early signs of a future breakdown. If you can catch these common issues early, you can prevent more expensive repairs down the road. Some of the indicators that you may need dishwasher repair service include:

  • Dishes are still dirty – If your dishes are not thoroughly cleaned after running them through your dishwasher, we will likely need to repair or replace your heating element, pump assembly, or wash impeller.
  • Cloudy glass – When your water is particularly hard, it can cause your glasses to develop a foggy buildup after going through the dishwasher. Sometimes, simply rinsing glass before loading it will solve the problem. If not, you should consider installing a water softener.
  • Extended wash cycles – When the timer or thermostat on your dishwasher malfunction, you may notice the wash cycle taking longer than usual. We can help you repair or replace your timer or thermostat to fix this issue.
  • Humming noises – A seized motor can make a buzzing or humming noise when it tries to run. If your motor has seized up, it will need to be replaced.
  • Leftover water – All the water should drain out of your dishwasher before it completes its cycle. When it doesn’t, we first look for problems with your solenoid, drain line, or drain impeller.
  • Not filling with water – Your dishwasher can’t do anything without water. A lack of water is usually due to a defective valve, water inlet solenoid, timer, or overflow float switch.
  • Leaks – If puddles are forming around your dishwasher during or after use, the most common cause is simply using too much dish soap. Make sure you are using the right type and amount of dish soap. If you are, the issue probably rests in your door gaskets, motor assembly, or tub-to-motor gaskets.

We Work on All Dishwasher Brands

Mr. Appliance of Lexington has helped countless homeowners in the Lexington, Danville, and Harrodsburg area with residential dishwasher repair service. As a result, we have gained experience fixing and maintaining all makes, models, and brands of dishwashers. No matter what type of dishwasher you have, you can expect the same world-class level of craftsmanship, expertise, and service from us. Some of the dishwasher brands we frequently repair include:

  • GE
  • LG
  • Bosch
  • Maytag
  • Samsung
  • Frigidaire
  • Whirlpool
  • KitchenAid

We Use Long-Lasting Parts for Dishwasher Repairs

Whenever you need to replace or repair part of your dishwasher, the natural thing to wonder is if you will ever have to replace it again. While no one can guarantee that any repair will last forever, we can ensure that we use durable and long-lasting replacement parts for all residential dishwasher repairs. As part of the Neighborly Done Right Promise®, you get a one-year warranty on all parts and labor. So, you know that we believe in the parts we use. Some of the parts we may need to replace on your dishwasher include:

  • Valves
  • Timers
  • Motors
  • Gaskets
  • Solenoids
  • Spray arms
  • Door latches
  • Thermostats
  • Float switches
  • Pump assemblies
  • Heating Elements
  • Detergent Dispensers
  • Wash and drain impellers
  • Circulation pumps and motors

Maintenance Advice From the Pros

Maintaining your dishwasher can significantly decrease the number of breakdowns and repairs. The biggest maintenance tip is a simple one. Don’t forget to do it. Make sure you clean your dishwasher every three or four months. You might be surprised by how many homeowners neglect this. Cleaning your dishwasher is so simple that it’s practically automatic. Simply put one cup of vinegar into an empty dishwasher, then run it like you usually would. Voila! Your Dishwasher will remove excess hard water and lime buildup all by itself. Some other dishwasher maintenance tips include:

  • Keep filters clean and replace them at the first sign of damage
  • Dispose of all food before putting your dishes into the dishwasher
  • Do not load dishes too closely together
  • Routinely wipe down the inside of the dishwasher with a wet rag and white vinegar

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Don’t let a broken dishwasher disrupt your life when Dishwasher repair services are right at your fingertips. When you work with Mr. Appliance of Lexington, a uniformed technician will diagnose the problem and explain the cost of dishwasher repair services to you. When you see how knowledgeable our technicians are, you’ll never want anyone else working on your dishwasher. Request your dishwasher repair appointment online now!
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