Commercial Ice Machine Repair Fort Worth

If you run a business in the hospitality industry, such as a restaurant, that involves serving beverages of any type, even just ice water, you already know just how important to your ice machine really is. Imagine trying to rely on a basic ice maker in a refrigerator to supply all the ice you need to keep your customers happy—it would be chaos. That's why it can be a big problem when you notice that your ice machine isn't working properly or is completely broken down and needs professional ice machine repair. Fort Worth business owners can trust the team at Mr. Appliance of Fort Worth to deliver experienced, effective ice machine repair services.

At the first sign of trouble, call your local Fort Worth appliance repair expert, and we'll be there as soon as possible to get your ice machine back in perfect working order so you can avoid unexpected equipment downtime.

Our Trusted Ice Machine Repair Service

When your ice machine isn't functioning correctly, you need to get it back up and running as quickly as possible—but you also need the repair to be effective and long-lasting so you don't have to worry about the same problem occurring all over again in a few weeks or months. When you call the professional team at Mr. Appliance of Fort Worth, you can count on exactly that and more.

We'll answer the phone when you call and get you scheduled for an appointment time that works best for you, then we'll actually show up on time, in uniform and with the tools we need to take care of ice machine repair. Fort Worth business owners can trust us to assess the problem correctly and come up with the best repair solution. We'll then offer you an upfront, flat-rate quote for the necessary work. Once we're finished with the repair, we'll test it to make sure it's working as intended and tidy up after ourselves before we leave so you can get back to business.

Our professional team can work with all commercial ice machine brands and types of commercial ice makers, including:

  • Full-cube ice machines
  • Half-cube ice machines
  • Nugget ice machines
  • Flaker ice machines
  • Specialty ice machines

Call Our Team for Expert Ice Machine Repair, Fort Worth Business Owners

If you've noticed some indications that your appliance is struggling and needs ice machine repair, Fort Worth repair professionals at Mr. Appliance are the best choice for excellent workmanship and trustworthy customer service. We are proud to deliver the best quality of service with long-lasting results because we value complete customer satisfaction

Of course, we do much more than just ice machine repair. Fort Worth business owners can rely on us to service all their commercial kitchen and laundry appliances, including oven repair, washing machine repair and much more. Give us a call today to find out more about our commercial appliance repair services or to schedule an appointment at a convenient time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Machine Repair

What Are the Signs That Ice Machine Repair is Necessary?

Ice machines function in a similar way to air conditioning units by cycling refrigerant through compressor and evaporator coils, and that means they are prone to some of the same problems that can affect air conditioners. If you know about the signs that something's not right, you can call us sooner rather than later for commercial ice machine repair in Fort Worth. Some of the warning signs of mysterious ice machine issues we're often called to handle are:

  • Machine is leaking water
  • Malformed ice cubes
  • Melting ice cubes
  • Cloudy or discolored ice
  • Machine is producing less ice than it used to
  • Excessive or unusual noises

What is Causing the Ice to Have a Bad Taste or Smell?

You can't serve customers drinks full of ice with a bad taste or nasty smell, so this is a particularly concerning problem for those in the hospitality business. When this problem occurs, it's often due to dirty water, and that means your ice machine probably needs a filter change or needs a thorough cleaning. If those actions don't solve the problem, it's time to call the pros for ice machine repair in Fort Worth.

Does It Matter Where an Ice Machine is Installed?

To some degree, yes, it does matter, as the wrong location can seriously compromise the performance of your commercial ice machine and cause it to suffer accelerated wear and tear damage. As we all know, commercial kitchens tend to be on the warm side, especially near large ovens or grills. Your ice machine needs to be situated as far away as possible from hot appliances, and it shouldn't be right by the heat vent for a commercial refrigeration unit, either. You may not have a location that's cool and refreshing, exactly, but any distance you can get between hot areas and your ice machine will help it function better and reduce the amount of overworking it is subjected to.

Do I Need an Ice Machine Repair or a Complete Ice Machine Replacement?

In most cases, our commercial ice machine experts can get your broken ice machine working again so you can get many more years of service out of it, so that's typically the preferable option to save money, time and hassle. If your ice machine is very old and on its last legs, however, it may make more sense to opt for a replacement. Our general rule is that repair is the better choice as long as the cost of the repair is less than 50% of the cost of a replacement unit.

Give Us a Call for Commercial Ice Machine Repair Fort Worth Can Count On

If you've seen some signs that indicate it's time for ice machine repair in Fort Worth, call the team of service professionals at Mr. Appliance of Fort Worth. We have the expertise to handle any problem your ice machine throws at us and get it resolved in an efficient, reliable manner.

Contact us today for reliable service repairs, and allow our dedicated team to show you the best practices for some routine ice machine maintenance! We proudly serve our customers in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas of Saginaw, Haltom City, and beyond.

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