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Scottsdale Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair from Our Dependable Service Team

Dishwashers are an appliance that should offer homeowners convenience and results. Unfortunately, they can be complicated machines at times. Some dishwashers suddenly begin to leak, leaving puddles of water on the kitchen floor. Some refuse to do a specific action: improperly cleaning, drying, or spraying the dishes. Some develop a rotten stink that resembles sulfur and hardboiled eggs. If you are noticing anything awry with your dishwasher, do not panic. The professional team at Mr. Appliance of Scottsdale & East Valley is here to ensure that you receive timely and expert dishwasher repair service at a cost-effective price.

Backed by a brand that has been highly esteemed for decades in the repair industry, we are proud to be a Mr. Appliance franchise. Along with the trusted name, you will reap the benefits of our advanced technological systems, stellar warranties, and tried-and-true policies. From our flat-rate quotes to our loyalty to the Neighborly Done Right Promise®, we offer the reliability you deserve on every single assignment. Our flat rates mean that zero fees, either for labor or parts, will be tacked on during the repair process. What the contract states is the final price, even when setbacks require extra labor. Our Done Right Promise entails a 12-month guarantee, which covers all relevant aspects of our workmanship on residential services.

Whether you are in immediate need of dishwasher service or simply looking for a tune-up, feel free to call us at (480) 405-5748 or schedule an appointment by contacting us online today!

Common Dishwasher Malfunctions and Diagnoses

There are quite a few dishwasher issues that merely require a little maintenance and TLC. If this is the case, our experienced technicians will promptly troubleshoot the problem and offer our professional advice on how to avoid future setbacks. If the problem is more extensive, we will use our vast toolkit and comprehensive set of strategies to locate the source and quickly restore your appliance.

Here are recurring situations where a dishwasher requires professional repair:

  • An unresponsive unit – It occasionally happens that a dishwasher will not start or abruptly turns off. This is commonly due to a malfunction with the motor relay, electronic control unit, or door latch.
  • Eternally dirty dishes – If your dishes never get clean, the problem might your filters, delivery tubes, spray arms, housing gaskets, wash impellers, or pump assembly.
  • Abnormally loud noises – The unsettling sound might be a thud, rattle, buzz, or clanking. Depending on what it is, our specialists will explore many leads to uncover whether we are dealing with a problematic motor bushing, bearing, pump housing, or washer arm.
  • A consistently arid machine – When water refuses to pump-out, we inspect the intake valve screen, water inlet, and the overflow float switch. Often, mineral buildup has obstructed the spray arm holes, or something is preventing the float from spinning.
  • A pesky little leak – First off, make sure your soap is compatible with the dishwasher model. If it is, make sure you are using the right amount. If you are, we will look at the spray arm, door seals, gaskets, and water inlet valve.
  • Standing water – A dishwasher that does not drain may clue us into a broken drain pump, solenoid, or timer. We will also look at the rinse aid dispenser and thermostat.
  • Unused detergent –Sometimes, the dispenser keeps all the detergent in its compartment. If this is happening, we will check out the wax motor and bi-metal release.

If you're experiencing any of these issues, don't wait in giving us a call! Book your service via our Contact Us page or by calling us at (480) 405-5748.

A Seamless Operation from Start to Finish

From the second you reach out, we do everything we can to work with your unique schedule. Via our Service On Your Schedule® system, booking an appointment is convenient and easy. Once booked, our reliable technicians are trained and qualified to uphold our elite company standards. This means that they will arrive punctually and comport themselves in a courteous and respectful manner to both you and your property. When finished, they can always be expected to adhere to our “leave no trace” policy, which means that you will never have to clean up or put a single thing back into its proper place.

Schedule a premier dishwasher repair service by calling (480) 405-5748 or contacting us online today!

Mr. Appliance tech assessing a dishwasher
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