Washing Machine Repair in Denver

Broken Washer? Don’t Delay – Call Mr. Appliance of Denver!

When faced with a broken washing machine, it can be tempting to try and repair it yourself or simply go out and buy a new one. However, hiring a Denver washing machine repair technician may actually save you time and money in the long run.

Our experts at Mr. Appliance of Denver have experience diagnosing and fixing a variety of washer issues, from clogged draining systems to faulty washing cycles. In addition, we provide a one-year warranty for our repairs, giving you added peace of mind.

We repair all types of washers, offering services that include:

  • Top-loading washing machine repairs
  • Front-loading washing machine repairs
  • Combination unit repairs
  • Compact washing machine repairs

Before attempting DIY repairs or running out to buy a replacement washer, contact a washing machine repair technician at Mr. Appliance of Denver.

Expert Repairs for All Types of Washing Machine Issues

One problem commonly encountered with washing machines is an imbalance during the spin cycle, which can result in loud noises and excessive vibrations. Clothes may also come out wrinkled or unevenly washed if this issue occurs.

Another issue that can occur is a leak in the machine's water hose or dispenser unit. This can result in water damage to the surrounding area and potentially lead to mold growth as well. Regular maintenance can help prevent these problems from occurring with your washer.

Other common washing machine problems include:

  • Washing machine won’t turn on
  • Washing machine is not spinning or agitating
  • Water isn’t draining properly from the machine
  • Wash cycle is leaving spots or soap on clothes

When you call Mr. Appliance of Denver, we can get your washing machine back up and running in no time – no matter what issue you’re experiencing. We service all major brands, including LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, Kenmore, GE, and more.

Schedule your washing machine repair in Denver by calling us today or contacting us online.

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