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It's no secret that groceries don't come cheap these days. That's why one of our worst nightmares is coming home to discover a broken refrigerator full of rotten, wilted, spoiled food. The task of throwing everything into the garbage and trying to figure out how you're going to start from scratch is disappointing, stressful and can be downright overwhelming. Or, maybe your refrigerator works—sort of. It's still chugging along, but you find yourself dealing with problems like rapid food spoilage, leaking water and steadily increasing energy bills. In either of the above scenarios, you need to call for refrigerator repair. Denver, we're here to help!

Trust the Denver appliance repair pros at Mr. Appliance of Denver to get your fridge back in perfect working order so you don't have to worry about how you're going to keep your food fresh and cold. Our team has many years of experience with Denver refrigerator repair, which means we've seen just about every fridge issue you can imagine and repaired them all efficiently, quickly and with safe, long-lasting results.

Our Trusted Denver Refrigerator Repair Services

In the relatively short span of time that modern refrigeration systems have been available to us, we've restructured our lives around the time-saving convenience they offer. Gone are the days of heading to the grocery store every single day, getting daily deliveries of ice to keep the icebox cool or heading down to the root cellar when we needed to get something out of cold storage. We simply don't have the option or time to do any of that anymore because it's just not necessary—as long as our fridges are in good shape and not desperately in need of refrigerator repair. Denver residents lead busy lives, which means we rely on our household appliances for a lot. If they don't work properly, or worse, don't work at all, it's absolutely necessary to get the help of an experienced service technician sooner rather than later.

Your refrigerator functions a lot like an air conditioning unit in that it cycles refrigerant through compressor and evaporator coils. As it passes through the system, the refrigerant turns from a gaseous state to a liquid state and back again, removing warmth from inside the refrigerator and venting it outside of the appliance. This causes a reversal of the natural process of heat transfer, in which thermal energy always tries to move from a warmer place to a colder place because it causes thermal energy to move from a cold place (inside the fridge) to a warm place (outside the fridge). This is a complex process that requires a lot of individual components, and each component needs to work properly in order for the fridge to function. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong that will cause your fridge to malfunction and need Denver refrigerator repair.

How Our Team Handles Refrigerator Repair in Denver, CO

When it's time to call a reliable service professional for refrigerator repair, Denver homeowners can always count on the team of appliance repair professionals at Mr. Appliance of Denver. We'll start by answering the phone when you call and scheduling you for a convenient appointment time so you don't have to wait around for hours wondering if we'll ever show up. On the day of your appointment, we'll arrive on time, in uniform and driving a branded vehicle, so you know exactly who you're inviting into your home.

Our skilled technicians always take the time to thoroughly examine your appliance so we can figure out exactly what's wrong and come up with the best solution for refrigerator repair. Denver homeowners can count on us to explain our findings clearly and offer an upfront cost for the necessary work. With your approval, we'll get down to business repairing your refrigerator so it runs safely and efficiently for a long time to come. When we're finished, we'll test it to make sure it's working correctly and clean up after ourselves before we leave.

We’re extensively knowledgeable on many types of refrigerators, including:

  • Bottom freezer
  • Built-in
  • Compact
  • Freezerless
  • French door
  • Side-by-side
  • Top freezer
  • Wine coolers

Call Mr. Appliance for Expert Refrigerator Repair, Denver Homeowners

If you're searching for the right Denver appliance repair company to handle refrigerator repair, Denver service professionals at Mr. Appliance are the best choice for top-quality workmanship and prompt service, combined with a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. We are a locally owned and operated business, and as such, we are very proud to serve the homeowners and business owners of our local community with the care, attention to detail and expert refrigerator repair Denver deserves.

But we don't limit ourselves to just refrigerator repair. Denver residents can rely on our team to deliver experienced appliance repair services for all major appliances, including dishwasher repair, oven repair, range repair, freezer repair, ice machine repair, washing machine repair, dryer repair and more. Along with residential repair services for household appliances, business owners can call us for commercial appliance repair too. When a commercial appliance malfunctions, it needs to get back up and running immediately, and we are experienced with effective repair solutions for commercial kitchen and laundry appliances. Reach out to our customer care team today to schedule an appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerator Repair: Denver and Area

What Are the Signs I Need Refrigerator Repair in Denver?

Nobody wants to deal with a refrigerator that is in rough shape, but the truth is that problems usually start out fairly small and get worse over time. It might not really seem like much of a problem until it gets bad enough that your family is inconvenienced by a major malfunction. If you are familiar with the signs that you need refrigerator repair, Denver appliance techs at Mr. Appliance can help before it gets out of control and causes a catastrophe for your household. Here are some of the big warning signs that you to call your local appliance repair pros:

  • Food Spoiling Too Fast: Is your food spoiling much faster than it used to? The first step is to check your unit's thermostat. It should be around 37 degrees Fahrenheit in your fridge and about zero degrees in your freezer. If you turn down the thermostat in your fridge and nothing changes, you need a Denver refrigerator repair professional to take a look at your condenser fan, condenser coils, or freezer fan.
  • Unusual Noises: It's normal to hear a quiet humming noise from your fridge or the occasional thump or click, but those sounds should be pretty quiet and non-intrusive. If you hear loud banging, vibrating, thumping or other strange sounds, it's one of the first signs that something has gone wrong. It's likely a problem with your compressor, but it could also be due to a dirty, clogged condenser fan.
  • Leaking Water: If there's a puddle of water under your fridge, the most likely cause of the problem is that the defrost drain has iced over and needs to be properly cleaned. If your fridge has ice and water hookups, the issue could be related to a faulty connection where the water line meets the refrigerator.
  • Door Doesn't Seal Shut: Your fridge has a seal around the door that keeps the door sealed shut so cold air can't escape, which is why it needs a gentle tug to come open. But if the seal is twisted or otherwise damaged or has slowly deteriorated, the door won't be able to close properly and might even open on its own, which is terrible for the unit's energy efficiency.
  • Motor is Always Running: If the motor in your fridge seems to be on all the time, even when you haven't opened the refrigerator door in a while, or it turns off and on in short bursts, it's time for a Denver refrigerator repair service. That constant operation or rapid cycling will burn out the motor prematurely, and you'll need a replacement if it's not corrected.
  • Freezer Constantly Ices Over: Every freezer needs to be defrosted now and then to deal with normal frost buildup, but that shouldn't be necessary really frequently. If you defrost it and then everything is coated in ice within a few weeks or months, it could be happening because the freezer door was accidentally left open or isn't sealing shut properly. It could also be that the temperature is set too low or the defrost cycle isn't functioning properly.
  • Back of Unit is Radiating Heat: If the back of your fridge is hot to the touch, not just a bit warm, the issue can likely be traced back to something that's gone wrong with the compressor. Since the compressor is a crucial component that cycles refrigerant to complete the cooling action, it's important to have it repaired before the whole appliance breaks down.

Is Denver Refrigerator Repair a Better Option Than Replacement?

This question makes a lot of sense because you don't want to fool around with repair services that are not going to be sufficient to address the problem, but at the same time, you don't want to waste money on a costly replacement when the issue can be addressed with an experienced refrigerator repair. Denver service professionals at Mr. Appliance can get the problem corrected safely and properly with long-lasting results in most cases, so when it comes to Denver refrigerator repair, it's generally a better option than replacement.

That being said, there are exceptions to every rule. The situation where it's typically going to be better to go with replacement is when you have a really old appliance that is on its last legs. While we can repair a problem with an old fridge, it's likely a new problem will occur soon, and you'll need repeated service calls to keep your ancient refrigerator functioning. In that case, replacement will probably be more cost-effective in the long run. The general rule that we tend to follow is that repair is the better choice as long as the cost of the repair is less than half of the total cost of a replacement appliance.

Which Brands Do You Service?

Regardless of what brand of fridge you currently have, you can count on our team of appliance repair experts to get it back in perfect working order so you can enjoy many more years of service from it.

Refrigerator brands we're able to service include:

  • Bosch
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • GE
  • KitchenAid
  • Kenmore
  • And more!

Can Denver Refrigerator Repair Make My Fridge Run More Efficiently?

Potentially, yes. If you've noticed that the energy charges on your utility bill have increased and you suspect a malfunctioning refrigerator is to blame, we can repair the problem and restore your fridge to an energy efficient condition to reduce your energy costs. Refrigerators need to use a fair amount of energy when they're functioning normally so they can keep the refrigerant cycle going, and that's a reasonable trade-off for the convenience of having your food fresh and cold. But when a fridge experiences certain problems, the efficiency takes a nosedive and it needs more and more energy to keep its interior at the correct temperature. Those problems range from a faulty compressor to a damaged door seal that is letting cold air escape the fridge's interior cavity.

Whenever one of our reliable Denver refrigerator repair pros takes a look at your fridge, we'll check for any signs that it's not running as efficiently as it should and get the issue solved so you can rest assured that your fridge is back to operating with normal energy efficiency again and save some money on your monthly utility bills. Feel free to also ask about our wide range of maintenance services that will ensure your fridge continues to show optimal performance.

Do You Need Refrigerator Repair? Denver, Rely On the Experienced Team at Mr. Appliance

If you need refrigerator repair in Denver or a nearby area such as Commerce City, Aurora or Brighton, the skilled service professionals at Mr. Appliance of Denver are here to help! Give our customer service team a call today to find out more about the reliable services we offer or to schedule a convenient appliance repair appointment with our team.
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