Refrigerator Repair Services in Buford

Signs Your Refrigerator Is Going Out
  • Why Is My Refrigerator Chirping Like a Bird? - Have you heard strange sounds coming from your refrigerator, like buzzing or chirping? We can tell you that’s not a fun new feature. A chirping sound may signify that your evaporator fan is on the fritz and it’s not able to move freely due to wire or connector corrosion and damage. We can take a look at your refrigerator to ensure the wires are still intact and functional.
  • Why Does My Refrigerator Smell Like It’s Burning? - Burning or smoky smells emitting from your refrigerator is a hazardous sign that your electrical wires could be overheating. If this happens, your major appliance could potentially catch fire. Our team is prepared to carefully evaluate various components to ensure efficiency.
  • How Can I Tell If My Refrigerator Door Seals Are Bad? - Believe it or not, not every assessment we perform on your refrigerator requires high-tech equipment. To ensure your door seals are still working correctly, you can complete the paper test by closing a piece of paper or $1 bill in the refrigerator door and pulling it out slowly. There should be tension as you’re pulling out the paper. If you don’t feel any tension, that may indicate a weak or broken part in the gasket. We carry specific parts to repair your high-end fridge as soon as possible.

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The Types of Refrigerators & Brands We Can Repair

Having a wide range of knowledge regarding refrigerator repairs will help the job go faster and smoother. Our Buford technicians have years of experience with various refrigerator makes and models, so you don’t have to wait long for an efficiently operating major appliance.

  • French Door Refrigerator - Aesthetics and organization are a couple of reasons customers love French door refrigerators. With spacious compartments, it’s easy to keep track of expiration dates and keep food from spoiling. According to Consumer Report data, one of the disadvantages of this refrigerator is that it’s more susceptible to damage. No issues are too large or complex for our technicians to review and provide you with necessary repair information.
  • Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Side-by-side refrigerators are increasing in popularity, mainly because they give that vintage refrigerator feel with modern features. Many of these refrigerator types have computers that allow you to treat your appliance like a smart device, creating grocery lists, reminders, and alerts. Our qualified appliance repair specialists continue to stay updated on our industry’s latest developments so that we can fix virtually any type of fridge.
  • Compact Refrigerator - Compact refrigerators may be a third of a standard appliance size, which doesn’t mean the components or features are different. Most come with an icemaker and thermostat, making it easy to quickly assess and determine any problems.
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator - Many customers opt for refrigerators with a freezer on the bottom instead of the top. Just because the refrigerator’s orientation has changed slightly doesn’t make it impossible to fix. Our appliance repair experts are consummate professionals, following a strict process that allows us to fix almost any kind of refrigerator.

Not only can we repair the refrigerators above, but we are well-versed with popular brands like GE, Maytag, Thermador, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Electrolux, and more. Our technicians are available to offer repair advice, appliance recommendations, and ensure you’re completely satisfied with our workmanship before we leave.

Professional Fridge Repair Near You

Can you imagine life without your refrigerator? Not having a food storage option would leave you with spoiled leftovers that you’d have to discard to avoid food-related health issues. We never want you to have to live without a refrigerator for an extended period because it suddenly stopped working. And with Mr. Appliance of Buford you won’t have to. We offer the Buford community comprehensive and competitively priced appliance repair services for refrigerators.

Our highly trained, licensed, and bonded professionals are on the job, evaluating your kitchen appliance and presenting affordable repair options. You can rely on us to complete a thorough process that helps get your standard or high-end refrigerator back in working order as soon as possible. Don’t wait for appliance issues to fix themselves and potentially become worse.

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